Saturday, October 20, 2007

Global Changes For Generational Influence

For a long time now a friend of mine who lives in Japan has been sending me various cares and concerns that he has for the people there.

He has great heart for the peoples of Japan and truly loves the country. He is a man of great heart. I'm not going to bring up his name here at this time since I'm not sure if he'd want to be mentioned but I will simply say that one of his great concerns is for the young people there and their opportunities in society and their drastic actions to themselves when they feel there is no way out.

So - I've been given some information recently and I want to pass it on on this blog since I'm using this blog here to present different ideas, different possibilities and even discuss things that I've put out in books in one way or another.

The information I've received lately about Japan is about the changeover in their country. One of the changes mentioned is that the old ways will be gradually changed. This of course is a global phenomena but while it is perceived with alarm, understandably by those who have kept track of such things, I've got to say that at least in Japan it may not ultimately be as alarming as it seems - but the transition to the replacement system will involve many steps however a great many of those steps have already been done. This is what I've been taught.

What will happen is that much younger people who are now geared towards efficiency - being raised in computer world and understanding how things work and how people will co-operate with a project for whatever reason simply because it is efficient - and that general goals of large groups of people can be met by co-operating in that fashion.

Now I know that sounds vague but you have to understand that as a principle before you recognize that the group of people who are going to be leading Japan some time within the next 40 years, and I'm talking about in all forms of life, are younger people who are structured towards efficiency and are not really in allegiance to the old ways.

This will happen for a time but the generations coming up after them will notice that that system itself is flawed and that what is needed is a sincerity based upon heart not just what works.

What works makes sense but ultimately there must be heart behind sincerity not just need. Need as you know can often be based upon something that may be destructive to others and certainly self-destructive and that especially cannot be allowed to be perpetuated in a country like Japan that is producing a great many wonderful minds. And yet heart has been discouraged there but now Japan and other countries find themselves presented with whole generations who are here to express heart and if there is no outlet to express heart will feel unneeded and unwanted and I do not feel that any country or any place on Earth can afford to push that away for too long.

In the larger sense what's going on is a shift on the Earth to a more heart centered way of life. Not heart based upon passion of, "I want, I need right now regardless of what happens to you." Not that, we have seen that in the past and even now in the present. I'm talking about heart, "I want, I need and you want, you need. Lets come together, discover what we have in common, work towards that for the sake of each other and on the way we'll discover how much we are alike."

I know I've spoken of these matters before but this is how we're going to be able to unite, come to a global society and achieve what can be achieved on this planet.

Imagine that we are all working together towards some common goal that doesn't come about as a result of a reaction to disaster. We all know how people can rise above any personal interest in times of disaster but what if it were possible to work towards a global solution, not only for problems we all face but a global solution simply based on the desire that everyone have comfort, food, shelter and happiness. This can be achieved without others being harmed.

So, I'm trying to give you a glimmer of the future here that has started in this post about Japan but ultimately Japan is a society that at this moment is a little bit on the forefront of the coming generational changes and as a result of their system - not only governmentally but socially that is not surprising.

Still - since Japan is on the leading edge of this change, even though it may not be obvious to the citizens there especially younger ones, take hope that the apparent impossibilities of societies changing can change.

We don't have to have only nationalistic drives and striving towards those limited goals. It is possible now to achieve goals based entirely upon heart.

In light of that let us all say, if we believe in its value, the following living prayer. But first I recommend that you ask for all the benevolent energies that are available for you to be present in a way that is comforting, in spiritual balance and that does only good for you and others.

Then wait a couple of minutes and then say, "I am asking that all those who desire to express their loving hearts in the most benevolent way will now be recognized as people of value in all of their societies, cultures and families simply because of that desire to love and allow others to love and that this form a lasting foundation grounded in the nature of human reality as seen in infancy and often very old age and certainly in nature and nurture."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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