Saturday, May 30, 2009

More On Compassion

Part 1:

Is thought really intended to insulate us from our feelings. Horace Walpole seemed to indicate that in this quote, "Life is a comedy for those who think... and a tragedy for those who feel." And yet perhaps even in his day people had forgotten how to interact with their own feelings.

As you all know, who have read these blogs, a great deal of what I'm trying to do here is teach how to interact with your own feelings and the feelings of others because that has everything to do with these times.

I recently got a question, which you may have seen on this blog, from Anonymous L* who at times is overwhelmed by feelings and compassion for all life and is wondering - is there something wrong with them. Or perhaps I might state, is there something that could be corrected in others.

I cannot comment directly on the urgency from Anonymous L's personal situation but what I can say is that I feel that once we all know how to work with our feelings - what they mean, and I'm talking about physical feelings here, and how they can bring us into greater understanding of all life around us and thus help us to connect with our natural native personalities that exist beyond this Earth plane as we know it - we will live better.

I do not wish to suggest that Horace Walpole was mistaken for I feel that even in our now times a great many people believe and/or practice thought instead of attempting to understand and interpret their feelings but I am hopeful that in my small way I may be able to contribute towards a greater understanding of feelings.

Part 2:

...And especially for Anonymous L and others who feel overwhelmed by compassion:

Sometimes compassion is from the outside in - meaning one has a sense of feeling heart towards another being who is suffering but other times especially when one is overwhelmed by the suffering of others or the perceived suffering as one might feel towards a planet one may very well be extending unconsciously from one's self to the other actually taking on their suffering for themselves and if they do that, though they may not actually feel the intensity of the pain, they would feel the urgency for relief.

So - given that I'd like to suggest something. If you are feeling overwhelmed with compassion and it is actually interfering with your life - stop for a moment.

This does not mean if you're driving a car stop in the middle of the road but if you are driving, carefully move over to the side of the road and park well off the highway for example or if you are performing some task that requires your absolute attention finish the task and then stop and go sit down someplace - you understand. In short, find someplace to sit down for a moment.

If it's daytime close your eyes and look up towards the sun. If it's nighttime you can glance towards the moon. The point is to redirect your attention towards a planetary body that is not suffering. Regardless of the impacts we may see in photographs of the moon I have felt the moon at a distance and I can tell the moon is at peace. I feel the same for the sun, for the sun often reaches out to bring its light elsewhere as we know.

My feeling is this concentrated effort allows you to separate yourself from taking on the feelings of others. This planet is a very difficult place at times - we all know that. One of the things we must allow however even though it may seem hard at first or even harsh is we must allow other people to have their feelings.

Sometimes when compassion gets the better of us - meaning we are not just feeling tender or feeling heart or love for those who are suffering but we are actually reaching into them unconsciously pulling out their feelings and feeling them - we might be preventing them from using their own feelings to make changes in their lives that may serve them better.

We know that this planet is a school for human beings and we also know that there are many times and challenges that make it difficult for other beings.

I do say this however, the feeling of compassion is often a valued thing and can help and guide others when taught gently if the others are open and receptive to it but if you are feeling overwhelmed by the feelings of others perhaps it might be best to let them have their feelings.

So at that moment try to look at something that is calm. If you cannot glance towards the sun with your eyes closed to protect your eyes or if you cannot see the moon then perhaps a large rock or boulder will do. Sometimes even a hillside, someplace that is natural - a part of nature but since many live in cities and do not always have that available such as a big old tree in a park - not a young tree but a big old tree then very often glancing towards the moon or even towards the sky on a cloudy day will help you to disconnect from taking on the feelings of others.

That's what I recommend. Goodlife.

*Portions of Anonymous L's comment:

My Soul has created a condition of bi-polar mood disorder for my Being to deal with in this life...I am extremely sensitive to what I perceive as the suffering of the natural world (animals, plants, rocks, the planet, the trials and tribulations of people, and on & on.)

This creates strong feelings and a heavy emotional involvement that act as BIG distractions for me in my creation of what I need for a good life.

Can I somehow limit my emotional sensitivity? How can I over ride the 'wiring' of my soft- heartedness that may eventually be the cause of my material decline and my inability to create a livlihood and a joyous life?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Physical Awareness Training, Part 3

Continuing your education to focus on one thing and to build on your spiritual capacities to make contact and ultimately to emerge from the haze of life that we've all been living for many years to the clarity of spirituality incorporated into your day to day life benevolently.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Soul

Men are not connected to Earth the same way women are, that is why they're always looking for something to believe in - often outside themselves and as a result they are susceptible to making mistakes by following leaders who may or may not have their best interests in mind or in heart to say nothing of the best interests of others.

Women on the other hand are not quite as susceptible because they have a connection to Earth that is unlike men. They have creation inside of them. Life can be created inside of them and perpetuated as it passes through them thus their connection to Earth is deeper.

Long ago before the human being existed there was devised an experiment, an idea:

How can we refine the soul of all beings so that it is in balance. It can do when called upon or it can support and nurture when needed. It can relax and be or it can expand and be more.

What can be done there? Thus the experiment which came to be known as - the genetic experiment on Earth of which you are all the result - came into being. The concept was - how to take a whole being, break them up into portions and find out what works well and what doesn't on its own.

Now we find ourselves in a time when we are re-establishing ourselves as one. One with our fellow souls on the Earth but also one in ourselves.

Men and women, the two parts that were decided to come from the one that we all are as a soul, will not be disappearing. The human race exists in other parts of the galaxy and beyond and is benign and benevolent but here, because polarity was added to the mix, there has been a great deal that has not been benevolent and yes - at times even malevolent.

So the re-establishment of the benign human being is under way on Earth and it will become something that we can all feel good about in trusting that future generations will be this thing.

No longer the genetic experiment on Earth, no longer having parts broken off from our "soul genome." Now simply becoming our natural selves again step by step. This has many names.

Some call it The Ascension Process, which does not mean that you ascend literally from the Earth but is more symbolic meaning that you become your natural soul self on the Earth. Other ways are simply known as the re-establishment of your natural native personalities through becoming your true natural selves.

I'll say more about these things in time but I wanted to give you that hint and that reminder. A great deal of this is discussed in The Explorer Race book and to a degree the books that follow it but this is just a reminder of who you are, where you're from, why you're here, what you're doing and in time where you're going which is home.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Physical Awareness Training, Part 2

Continuing our process of interspecies communication we extend into the tree and join with the tree as a portion of ourselves remaining in our own bodies and yet in touch with the tree and the tree in touch with us. Thus establishing a form of interspecies communication and your preparations to do more.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Urgent: This is The Time Of The Welcoming

Greetings. Something important is happening now and I feel it's really urgent for you to know about it. This is the time of the welcoming. It's most important that you understand what that means.

You have thoughts, everyone does, and sometimes they are accompanied by pictures. This is particularly important for people who have pictures in their minds or come up for this or that reason - and this is why.

This time in our lives are truly preparing us for the way things are in our natural normal native personalities beyond this Earth plane as we know it.

There if we need something it will come up in our present memory - meaning that which is available for us but that we are not always conscious of if we don't need it or if it is something say - associated with someone else.

With that kind of present memory you might need this or that as a spirit being or as a physical being someplace else on some other planet in some other life and then that thing will be attracted to you but only that which is just right for you - meaning you are compatible with that thing what ever it may be and that thing is compatible with you - alright - you understand - but since we are now in the time of the welcoming something similar is happening and since on the other planes of existence that we live in most of the time such a experience occurs where a picture will come up because it's something we need - you can see where I'm going with this on a now Earth plane - yes in our now existence.

As long as the picture comes up of something that we need, not necessarily a specific something or someone but some thing general that we need - friends for example - there's a good chance that those who were just the right friends for you will like you and appreciate you just the way you are and whom you will like and appreciate just the way they are will be attracted to you and you will be attracted to them.

It won't be something glaringly obvious but it will be something that you'll both notice. Perhaps subtly at first and then as you get better acquainted you'll realize that this person could be a good friend for you and they'll have a similar realization - but you've noticed that for a time now.

The time we're in now represents a wonderful opportunity but there are hazards as well and that's why I want to talk to you today about that. The opportunity is that, as I mentioned before, if you need something - it's something to consider trying to shift your gears into needing something in a general way - as my example with friends - rather than in a specific way - meaning you want a car you saw on the car lot and only that car will do.

You might just have a picture that comes up of a broad spectrum of cars or that you need transportation or that you sure would enjoy being able to be in a car going someplace that you'd like to go - like that, not trying to program your present moment memory here.

Conversely there's another thing that could come up and I think some of you have noticed it. If you're frightened of some thing, not necessarily someone as an individual but some thing - oh perhaps you're concerned use something innocuous but annoying, you're concerned that birds will start making their deposits on your freshly washed car - okay. That could happen and if not immediately - very soon after the picture comes up.

So here's the discipline that's going to be necessary for us all and it may not be easy. We're going to have to try and focus on encouraging ourselves to bring up pictures of things that we want and if something comes up that's a fear to immediately or as quickly as possible shift that picture to something that's desirable - meaning, to use my example, instead of the picture of your car being dive-bombed by the local feathered population that you would quickly shift your picture to something of your car sitting shiny in the driveway or wherever you have it and looking wonderful - and focus on that for a little longer and then let it go completely.

This is not a time when you can simply say, "No, change that." Words won't do. You have to use a picture as a substitute.

I just wanted to bring that to your attention because I feel that it's something that - if you know about it and you know what to do about it it can make a big difference in your life.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Physical Awareness Training, Part 1

Learning to use your physical body for communications beyond yourself and between yourself and a completely different species of being. In this part we will begin with preparations and move on in the next 2 parts to the completion of this means to communicate from one species to another.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preparing To Meet ETs

I've been concerned lately because I've seen an increasing incidence of demonizing. Many of you have noted this or been in closer contact with it in some uncomfortable way of this group or that group being demonized*.

There is also a tendency to demonize the unseen. For the most part most people have not seen, in personal contact, extraterrestrials. We may have seen lights in the sky - even things identifiable as vehicles but most of us have not actually been in the physical presence of an extraterrestrial.

I'm not bringing this up because I have been, I'm bringing it up because I'm concerned with the ongoing efforts to demonize a particular group of ETs. I grant that they are not the most socially adept and have not been socially adept in the past but they are learning, they're getting better at it and we will be meeting them in the future in a benevolent way.

There are many stories, some of which may be apocryphal but others are simply narratives of peoples experience of meeting these beings throughout the years. I'm referring to beings from Zeta Reticuli**.

I have had contact with these beings in my youth and it was a benevolent contact. I don't think there's that many stories about, that indicate that this can be a benevolent experience but part of the reason I've been going out of my way to suggest this way or that way in various blogs and other places that meeting extraterrestrials will require a certain amount of preparation on our part is that they might just prefer to be welcomed rather than shut out as any of us might.

Now I believe - and I've heard stories from people and many occasions of those stories I do believe that others have met extraterrestrials that look just like us and for the most part there's no way of telling because they do look like us and if they've been properly prepared then they're just going to be amongst us.

Now I don't think that happens much these days but I do feel that it's important that if we want extraterrestrials to be with us, to come around to help us out and maybe to offer them some help - we can do this, we have experiences, we have expertise - then it's important to not start condemning them as a group without taking into account that they are in fact individuals.

I have read in many places what people seem to want to say - that they're not individuals because they've met them in group situations or have heard about meeting them in group situations. Well I've been in group situations with human beings and I know you have too and it'd be very easy for someone who is not a member of that group or simply a visitor to see us all in that group as one thing. So if you've been labeled you know what I'm talking about.

So this might seem to be premature to you but I feel that our meetings with extraterrestrials - if not on an individual basis being immanent - I feel on a planet to planet basis may be sooner than we think.

Lets not prepare ourselves by being biased against this or against any single group. Lets practice this by expecting that when we meet an individual of any group here on this planet be they human being, plant or animal or spirit that we greet them as individuals and not as things.

Just a little reminder for you. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

* 1. Portray as wicked and threatening. 2. To represent as evil or diabolic: wartime propaganda that demonizes the enemy.
**Zeta Reticuli is a binary star system located about 39 light years away from Earth. It is located in the constellation Reticulum, and is visible to the unaided eye under very dark skies. Because of the southerly location of the system, it is not visible north of the tropics.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Global Community, Part 2

A long range view of changes in our population. Ideals, practices and what we might expect for coming generations experiences. A little reassurance for you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Global Community, Part 1

There is an underlying cause of all the change and sometimes tumult going on on Earth now and this cause will ultimately lead to a good thing that will support and provide for us all.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Motions, Magic and Living Prayers

There's been a question and I feel that it warrants a greater display here since I believe at times I have encouraged this type of thing and at other times not so. So let me quote the question here:

I have just accessed your blog entries on Benevolent Magic and Living Prayers. I have known of them from The Sedona Journal--but you are giving more and greater information on these blog entries.

Here is my question: I am following the format of your words and actions in general--but while I am working, I sometimes (often) feel the physical impulse to perform different motions with my hands/arms/head...body.

I love being responsive to my body cues as I have only recently learned to feel and trust them (in 50+ years!)---but what impact is this having on my magic/prayer/intent?

And I have this to offer. In the case of Living Prayer that is not associated with anything other than stating some words - of course first asking for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you as I often say - so that's a little different you see than more elaborate aspects that may use Living Prayer to a degree such as you might find in True Magic or even other elaborate essentially ceremonial - meaning involving the physical self, sometimes the sun, the moon, sometimes other aspects of physical life and benevolent beings in a more involved process...

So here's the answer without getting too analytical. Generally speaking if you're simply saying a Living Prayer or a Benevolent Magic then if you feel like you want to move your body to a degree I feel that's alright. I would recommend though just moving hands or arms and sitting in one spot.

There's a reason for that. If you move around too much - and get up and move around - there can be a situation that develops that the energies that are working with you will be in the original location where you asked the Preamble* - that you're asking for all the most benevolent energies...They'll come to where you are then you see but if you get up and move around extensively without the proper training that goes into this process, which I may at some point be able to teach you though I'm not sure if that would be possible in this format, then it might be better to stay in the original place you were physically when you made that request.

Still I feel it is alright to move hands and arms into positions that might want to be taken but recognize that this may be an experiment on your part and it may very well have an effect on what you feel and even the outcome. So if it's something that you feel energy for - when you ask for those energies to be present you see - if the motions that your body takes cause that energy feeling to disappear then I recommend that you do not take those motions.

If on the other hand the energy remains or is heightened then perhaps a motion like that and motions like that in the future might be acceptable and even desirable. You will have to experiment.

Sometimes you will be unhappy because once you've asked for something in the case of a Benevolent Magic you don't repeat that, it's once only - not meaning that you can only say Benevolent Magic once only but that you can only use those specific words for a specific purpose in a benevolent magic once only.

You can of course change the - what you are requesting for in a Benevolent Magic as you have seen - those of you who have been reading this blog and my others extensively.

So I realize this sounds like a little of this and a little of that but generally speaking what's going on here between me to you is training and I do not wish to keep you from expanding on your inspiration but keep in mind that while you will use more inspirations in time that in the beginning, especially if you are just getting started with this that I am teaching here, it might be better to perform the process as stated.

Still, in the case of the original questioner L, I do recommend that you personally allow very slight motions following the guidelines I've given here. I hope that is some help to many of you besides L.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

*Here is the usual Preamble that one might say before doing a Living Prayer, Benevolent Magic or even a True Magic.

You might say, "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all around me and all about me now in the most benevolent way for me."

Then you would pause and wait to feel something. Some of you might not feel anything, especially when you're just beginning to learn these things but in time you probably will. In that case just pause for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Humans: Descendants of ETs

The difference between extraterrestrials and the people of Earth is much more slight than you might initially think.