Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Motions, Magic and Living Prayers

There's been a question and I feel that it warrants a greater display here since I believe at times I have encouraged this type of thing and at other times not so. So let me quote the question here:

I have just accessed your blog entries on Benevolent Magic and Living Prayers. I have known of them from The Sedona Journal--but you are giving more and greater information on these blog entries.

Here is my question: I am following the format of your words and actions in general--but while I am working, I sometimes (often) feel the physical impulse to perform different motions with my hands/arms/head...body.

I love being responsive to my body cues as I have only recently learned to feel and trust them (in 50+ years!)---but what impact is this having on my magic/prayer/intent?

And I have this to offer. In the case of Living Prayer that is not associated with anything other than stating some words - of course first asking for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you as I often say - so that's a little different you see than more elaborate aspects that may use Living Prayer to a degree such as you might find in True Magic or even other elaborate essentially ceremonial - meaning involving the physical self, sometimes the sun, the moon, sometimes other aspects of physical life and benevolent beings in a more involved process...

So here's the answer without getting too analytical. Generally speaking if you're simply saying a Living Prayer or a Benevolent Magic then if you feel like you want to move your body to a degree I feel that's alright. I would recommend though just moving hands or arms and sitting in one spot.

There's a reason for that. If you move around too much - and get up and move around - there can be a situation that develops that the energies that are working with you will be in the original location where you asked the Preamble* - that you're asking for all the most benevolent energies...They'll come to where you are then you see but if you get up and move around extensively without the proper training that goes into this process, which I may at some point be able to teach you though I'm not sure if that would be possible in this format, then it might be better to stay in the original place you were physically when you made that request.

Still I feel it is alright to move hands and arms into positions that might want to be taken but recognize that this may be an experiment on your part and it may very well have an effect on what you feel and even the outcome. So if it's something that you feel energy for - when you ask for those energies to be present you see - if the motions that your body takes cause that energy feeling to disappear then I recommend that you do not take those motions.

If on the other hand the energy remains or is heightened then perhaps a motion like that and motions like that in the future might be acceptable and even desirable. You will have to experiment.

Sometimes you will be unhappy because once you've asked for something in the case of a Benevolent Magic you don't repeat that, it's once only - not meaning that you can only say Benevolent Magic once only but that you can only use those specific words for a specific purpose in a benevolent magic once only.

You can of course change the - what you are requesting for in a Benevolent Magic as you have seen - those of you who have been reading this blog and my others extensively.

So I realize this sounds like a little of this and a little of that but generally speaking what's going on here between me to you is training and I do not wish to keep you from expanding on your inspiration but keep in mind that while you will use more inspirations in time that in the beginning, especially if you are just getting started with this that I am teaching here, it might be better to perform the process as stated.

Still, in the case of the original questioner L, I do recommend that you personally allow very slight motions following the guidelines I've given here. I hope that is some help to many of you besides L.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

*Here is the usual Preamble that one might say before doing a Living Prayer, Benevolent Magic or even a True Magic.

You might say, "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all around me and all about me now in the most benevolent way for me."

Then you would pause and wait to feel something. Some of you might not feel anything, especially when you're just beginning to learn these things but in time you probably will. In that case just pause for about 30 seconds to a minute.


Anonymous said...

Dear Grandfather,
Thank you. I DO understand the intent of your words in terms of not discouraging us--but explaining the possible consequences of differing our actions from your original instructions.

I did not know about the energies congealing at the spot to which they are called---thank you for that.

My comment is that when I am 'guided' to make other motions...(mostly from Qi Gong, Yoga, and religious traditions---I now realize)...I am both emotionally and physically moved by waves of energy and a soaring feeling of connection.
Of course, I am not always so successful in recognizing/receiving these beautiful signals from the Universe and many of my practices/prayers have only subtle feelings associated with them.

As to the effect of these 'intuitive' moves on outcome: it is hard to say, as most of the prayers are for the greater good of animals, plant life, people far away, and the various elemental kingdoms.

I currently find it difficult to track the impact of prayers/offerings for things specific to my own life. But, as I am still here and well---perhaps I am doing something right.

In appreciation,

Anonymous L.

PS: I am enjoying this training and communication SO MUCH, Grandfather!

Anonymous said...

I have a question and since I have never been on a blog before I was not sure where or how to ask it.
I have been reading and watching your teachings with great intrest for the past several months and practicing all I can. I have a problem with remembering word for word how to say benovelant magic, true magic, & living prayer and want to know if it is ok to read it from my Ipad?
You have already answered some of my greatest questions about life that I have been seeking for years and I feel your answers are true.
I am only a beginner at this but I feel great tingling loving energy throughout my body when I ask for benevelant energies and beings to be around and about me. I almost feel like I am going to float off and could cry out of feeling the love.
I have been told many times that I am one of the good guys, a nice guy and that I am too nice.
when I was 12 (52 now) I was reading a UFO book which was my first book of this type and I read that E.T.'s could read you thoughts and I really believed this. well I was standing at my school bus stop in Montana with my 5 other siblings and I looked up at the clouds and said in my mind "I know your up there why don't you just show yourselves"
When I asked this in my head I had the same loving energy feeling that I get when I practice your teachings, It's almost a feeling that I know for sure something is going to happen and sure enough a UFO came out of the clouds directly where I was looking and almost knowing it was there. It was a large yellow & orange sphere kind of what I now know plasma looks like. I pointed it out to my brothers and sisters who were standing waiting for the school bus with me and we gazed with amazement!
We watched it move quietly and smoothly down and then as the school bus came down the street it changed directions and moved behind a hill so know one on the bus saw it. This started my quest and intrest in other life forms.
I could go on about this but I feel I can say more later if there is intrest.

Robert Shapiro said...

For Anonymous

Not from your iPad. It is alright to copy the words down on paper and read them word for word in the best way you are able when doing the work. If it is something you do more than once, applied to many different situations perhaps but repetitively, in time you will remember the words.

Since you are new to this I recommend that you do not do the True Magic. Start instead with the Benevolent Magic and Living prayer and when you get good at that then try once again the True Magic.