Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Response to a Question About Dreams

Recently a question was asked on a video that I posted to my You Tube site and also here on Explorer Race. I'm reproducing the question below and my brief answer because I felt you might be interested and might wish to try it out for yourselves.

Are we going to be spending more time in the dream state because the creation process going on in dreams will assume a more tangible reality?

Only in certain places will that occur, such as the area referred to in this video. There will be a few other places and of course in time the spreading of such influence will expand but generally speaking if you're asking whether everyone everyplace will be recreating their reality more and more in these ways through dreams I'd say not immediately but there is more.

I believe it is our job to utilize the benevolent suggestions in our dreams to create - yes - a more benevolent reality and also to simply allow that a more benevolent reality could happen.

So recommendation, I feel it's very important out there for everyone to say this once a day. You don't have to do it because I say so, just say it and see how you feel. Maybe the first few times you'll feel silly but after a while it might just help. I recommend you say, "Things could get better." Then pause for a moment. Then say, "Things could get better for me." That's what I recommend.



Rick said...

Thank you, Robby! It was me that asked that question. There are times that I wake up feeling as if I'd been working quite hard through the night, in my dreams! Being busy! I'll take up your recommendation, about "things could get better" but may I ask, would it not be more effective if I were to include something about "benevolent outcome"?

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Rick, thank you for your comment. I've sent you my reply.