Monday, March 8, 2010

Transforming and Transmuting, Part 1

Learn how to transform materials from a state of unknown into a greater state of balance and help them with their endurance, with their function and with their ability to work better. These materials will be in the form of machines that have spirit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grandfather,
I wanted to thank you for a previous 'exercise' used to calm ourselves that has been of great benefit to me.

It is the simple one of using our hand to smooth the energy over our solar plexes when we are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

(Sweeping our palm -down hand from about mid-head over our torso/power center and repeating until settled.)

It can be done just about any where and has a very real effect.

It is my 'go to' method at this time! Thank you!

With deep gratitude,

Anonymous L

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Anonymous L, I'm glad that's helping you. Yes, it is a comfort.


Margie said...

Thank you for sharing your great wisdom!
Wonderful post!
I shall do all you spoke of and seek good results.

Again, thank you!

Margie :)

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Margie,

I'm glad to hear you are trying these things.

Goodlife my friend,