Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5-18-10 Questions And Answers With Robert Shapiro

I'm going to answer some of the interesting questions I receive from people here again. Its been a while since I've done this here and I'll do it from time to time now.

Here's one:

soy and estrogen

is there an agenda to increase estrogen in males? how does the the biological work with the ability to transcend the unhealthy effects it has on your body? In other words how does eating foods work with creating your reality?

My Answer:

This is my feeling. I feel that it's possible, because of overpopulation on the Earth, that testosterone levels are dropping in men. This way people will still be able to make love but perhaps there will be a decreased birth rate in the long run.

I do not think that will be statistically noticeable immediately as far as total Earth population goes but who knows...a ways down the road eh? Considering the other ways our population is lessened I feel that the lowering of the birth rate would be the most benevolent. If this happens, and only if, I feel that eventually the population will level off at considerably less than we have now. I think this whole thing could take easily over 50 to 60 years.

I have channeled repeatedly from various sources that soy is not meant for humans. It is meant for animals. Still, there are many foods that animals eat that we eat as well.


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