Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preparing To Know The Signs

The year you are in, 2012, is a lot about learning your own strengths and becoming aware of things that might be taking strength from you - very often something that is an inner conflict within you. 

In this video such examples of conflict will be pointed out to you so that you can get yourself as ready as you can be to recognize the signs of change. When you know the signs of change not only are coming but also know that there's something you must do to prepare, then the preparations become more than a thought and involve actions. 

The actions are not so difficult but they are intended to bring you into a greater sense of awareness of your own senses and the way to do that is to become focused on your physical feelings for these are about your senses as well as your spirit which is about that extra sense and I know that's a good part of the reason why many of you are watching these videos.

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