Friday, August 31, 2012

Predictions: Transforming Materials Benevolently

In this time in which you are living and during the next few years you will find that the materials on Earth, the actual substance of it, will be going through changes that will sometimes have an impact on your communication devices. 

In this video Transmutation will be expanded upon and you will find a greater means with more details to improve the capacity of your communication devices and your electronics in general even if there is no pressing need to do so. 

You will find that the electronic machines and machines of all sorts will work better and they will be more durable. They will last longer using these methods. You may also find that there is means and methods that will provide for you in this video - a way to know things from a distance such as you might find here or here, to see things from a distance explained more here and also on this post and to be able to understand more of your true spiritual natures.

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