Friday, September 28, 2012

Predictions: Changes

More on migrations as well as fine-tuning some portions of Benevolent Magic for those of you working with that. There'll also be predictions regarding Japan, Australia, Chile, Argentina, and particularly India.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Re-creation and Ascension

I wanted to give you something today about re-creation which has been mentioned here in the past. I also wanted to mention ascension and how it fits into re-creation as well as transformation

So this video will provide 2 different versions to get you started for those of you who are in the early stages of your spiritual work and a more advanced version for those of you who are, as I like to say, down the road a bit on your spiritual journey.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are You Here?

Are you more comfortable with your memories of those who were living then those who are living now - even if sometimes they are the same people? This is something you will need to come to grips with soon as we are now in a time of life where there is a great deal of friendship going on online or at a distance, especially with people that you have never met - and that is good - and yet there is still a tendency to remain fixed on the past.

It's true that people are not always easy to get along with. In fact many times those moments of being able to get along are rare and if you love somebody, sometimes that's all you need to keep going through the difficult parts. 

Those of you who have these experiences know what I'm talking about. And yet, with such circumstances, it is easier - isn't it - to remember those good moments or to even elevate those good moments into something far greater than they really were at the time. 

This is an issue that is difficult for many people right now because often it is good to have these friendships at a distance on the internet. And yet, these changing times are requiring things of you that will make it difficult to only live in the past.

Yes you can have your memories - cherished ones are best but in the moments of the present and greatly dwelling in the immediate future you will need to decide - am I of life now or am I mostly engaged in life gone by?

Try to be in the now. It will be easier than you think even if a real look at what is around you might prompt you to move off to some other place and perhaps find true happiness there. 

It won't always work but the youngest generation coming up now as well as the generation that preceded it have a good idea that this is what's needed. 

Granted, sometimes they are a bit abrupt in sharing that with older generations but this is just their way. They do not usually mean any harm by it. 

So understand that and learn from those who were born to teach and just haven't yet quite learned how to do so in a gentle way that can be heard and understood and taken in with ease.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 Predictions: Now There Are Visions

A time of visions is upon you but these will not be daydreams, they will not be night dreams, they will be things you actually see

Look up in the sky from time to time when you can. Perhaps it will be in a cloud. Perhaps it will look like something at the edge of the cloud. Perhaps a cloud will not even be involved. It might be daytime, it might be nighttime but it will be something to see, remember and most likely cherish.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


In my life I am very conscious of other forms of life. Sometimes, like you, I get along with them just fine. Other times there are stumbles or I wonder why we're not getting along so well - you know this feeling well I'm sure - but recently I have had encounters with this or that beetle.

I have noticed one that flies - there are such things here in Hawaii at times, perhaps you have seen them where you live. This beetle had many colors. It came to land on a ledge near where I was and just sat there for quite some time and would occasionally move slightly - perhaps it was taking in the sun - but when they moved I could see the many colors and of course it reminded me of the famous bible story about the coat of many colors - you know the one. I think maybe there are other stories like that in many philosophies, beliefs and religions. 

Many colors is important to the Earth. It has meaning and I think there is meaning beyond which we can see or understand mentally but it is there on the feeling nature of our side.

Today I have received a message that I feel is important. I want to put it out as an audio message so you can feel and know the feelings of the being who spoke through me.

I do have the capacity to channel at a deep and profound level and I have many books out as many of you know but as good as books are they cannot reveal very well the feeling that was present and that is why I feel there must be audio so that you can feel that - alright?

And thus I submit this message from source Spirit of beetle for your consideration. From what I can tell this is a most urgent and important message.