Friday, December 5, 2014

Who You’ve Been

Now it’s time to tell you something that I feel is important for you to know and that is simply this: Every human being on this planet now has been in previous lives every human race upon this planet now including some races that are no longer on the planet. Died out or were moved off from the planet to other planets in the past. 

Oh that’s a long story but I will just say this for now. When you’re feeling slightly uncomfortable with whatever other race of being you’re thinking about or if someone is slightly uncomfortable with you because of the way you appear keep in mind that fact I said: That everyone has been everything.

Now, I’m not trying to say that you’ve been a tree or that you’ve been a snail. Lets just keep it simple, in terms of your souls or spirits you’re not allowed to incarnate on the planet at this time nor have you been allowed to incarnate any time within the last 400 years if you had not been incarnated on other planets - alright - as all of the races that are on this planet.

Now the reason its happened on other planets is that, regardless of what you’ve been told you have not had thousands of lives here on this planet though you may well have had thousands of lives. 

The reason you haven’t had thousands of lives on this planet is that this is a teaching planet and no one really has the privilege to go to school here more than once. I know that’s controversial but that is the fact.

I wish you all well and I know you’re not all going to believe this but it is so as you will find out at some benevolent point in the future.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Do Your Heart a Favor

On this day it would be good to do a favor for your heart and get in the habit of doing it every day. It will not only improve the quality of your life, it might even improve the amount of life you have. 

Your heart was born in your body - ja - bringing with it joy, happiness and an ability to be flexible in feelings. Because of life and its complications and the way we do things here on Earth, often there are burdens and unhappiness and a tendency to think and/or worry about the past and project some of that worry into the present or even future. 

So, on this day when we give thanks and appreciate what we have, who we have or even where we have, I also would recommend that you allow your heart to feel grateful. When you feel grateful, make it a feeling you totally feel. 

Consider it like an actor’s workshop where actor’s are encouraged to not only portray something but to literally be it and the way you convince people in the audience that you are something when you’re an actor is that you become it. This is why some actors are famous for being a bit odd while they’re working in a movie or a theatrical production because they don’t choose to shake off completely the role they’re playing. 

So I’m not suggesting that you all become actors, though some of you will, I am suggesting however that you allow your heart to perform its original personality when you were born and when you’re grateful to feel it completely and allow your heart to emit those feelings of happiness so you can feel them in your whole body and allow yourself to be gratefulness not just think it. 

Hope you have a happy day. Goodlife to you all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2015 Predictions: Afghanistan, Part 2 and More

As a follow-up to the last video, this one is mostly about Afghanistan and a little more about the Middle East and a little bit about Spain and some about Italy but mostly it’s about Afghanistan. 
Something to think about and consider.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Some Qualities of a Spiritual Teacher

What is a Spiritual Teacher? Many of you will become or may be perceived as Spiritual Teachers even if you do not claim such a distinction. 

One of the things I advise you to do is to not project or make an effort to put on any kind of image of perfection. This is for several reasons. 

One of the reasons is that you are not that nor will you become that in your lifetime and I’m saying that because it is not something that is a good thing to have. Oh there will be times when you will be that even though you won’t notice it because it will be the idea of perfection to others. 

There will be other times when by being that, and as I say most likely unconsciously to yourself, you will put off others because they feel either that you are putting on some attitude or - and this can sometimes be worse - those who wish to emulate your fine qualities will feel that there is no chance that they can achieve them based upon how advanced you are, in their eyes, to them. 

So if you’re going to speak, for example, and you walk over to your chair and you stumble around a bit or drop something don’t feel like you have to pretend that it was intentional :-) It’s really okay to be you. 

Let people know that this is something that you feel is worthwhile, if you do feel that way and also let people know - it’s okay to be them even as they acquire their own spiritual capabilities and inspire others to do the same.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2015 Predictions: UFOs and the Paranormal

2015 will bring more events that have to do with UFOs and the paranormal but they will be benevolent, not traumatic. Lights in the sky? Yes, very possible. Things that may be UFOs? Very possible but also some things that could be blessings and greeted with appreciation. More in the video.

Also will post a part 2 of this on November 26th, 2014.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Troubling Visions

Now something is up again. This has happened before and I’ve mentioned it before as well. Some of you, especially before you go to sleep at night and you’re a little relaxed, are having visions. You’re seeing pictures of terrible things. 

Sometimes you will think - oh, it’s because I read this or oh, it’s because I watched this on television but it really isn’t these days. 

What it is, if these visions are not something from your life, is that other people are having these visions or these experiences and they’re overwhelmed by the experience and most likely you do not even know these people. 

Just somewhere on Earth they’re having this experience and what you are doing is that when you see these things you can, according to the way you live your life, shake it off and go to sleep or you can say prayers or do other meditations or even some form of transformation so that you can be clear and go to sleep. 

And what it does is that while complicating your life for a moment - alright - what it does is that it allows these other people where ever they are and whatever they’re doing, what ever’s going on for them to be able to get through what’s happening to them even if it is an end time for them they will be able to get through it and move on in the cycles of their lives. 

I just wanted you to know that this could happen and it’s happening for some of you and it has been alarming you. Just know, it’s not about something that’s going to happen to you or your loved ones - almost never does that come through for you - alright, okay. There might be the occasional exception if you are a Seer but that’s the only time that will occur. 

So, don’t stress about it and don’t worry about it. It will be alright.


Spirit Walkers

Now there are some places in China and Southeast Asia where there are very large beetles being seen - unusually large. I want you to know what this is about.

These are the Old Ones. In times gone past, in the distant past, there were such beetles on the Earth and what they did is that they would bless the earth. 

They would have the ability to connect to Creator and those who could see would see them glow in gold light especially around their feet and their job was to walk in places and bless and transform the land so that the land would be prepared for other lifeforms. So these beings have emerged again at times. 

I know there is some belief that this has been caused by warfare and in some rare cases when such a beetle is seen and they are distorted, their body is strange, this might be the situation but it could also be that they are old ones. 

So I am asking as a special favor for Planet Earth and for all her peoples of all types whether they be two legged or four legged or many legged that those seeing these beings just let them go on about their way. 

If they are frightening you, just keep your distance but know that they are attempting to do what they did in those olden times. They are connecting with Creator energy - and this will be seen by those who can see and they have these kind of visions - there will be gold light around their bodies and especially in their legs and they will be walking on the ground transforming it and making it safe for other peoples. And by other peoples I mean two leggeds, four leggeds and yes, many leggeds. 

So let them be. Know that beetles in general do this all over the world but these big ones are from another time, another world when this planet was complete and total beauty everywhere. 

So let them be. When they are done with their work they will simply return to their own time. They will no longer be seen. So, I ask this of you if it is possible and know that these beings mean you no harm. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2015 Predictions: Balance

2015 will be an intense year in many ways, sometimes you might even want to call it extreme but in this video you will receive a very simple way to find your balance and once you find that way you will be able to set aside 1 or 2 minutes at any time during the day and focus into that and feel much more calm and able.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Merging Your Worlds

In these times it is necessary to create a benevolent day to day world. This simple process will help to bring that about for you.

Listen to the recording first and then to be clear, so you know exactly how to say what you say before you do your transformational words - also known as magic because the energies that are with you in that moment connect you to your spiritual self - is as follows: “I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me in this moment be all around me and all about me now.”

Write the  transformational words down (starts with "I request...") exactly for you to say. The words in this audio will work. Remember also, it will take as long as it takes. You’ve done what you can do about merging your worlds in this benevolent way. Anytime you finish something like this, let it go and walk on with your life.

This link will take you to the audio on Tumblr:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

10-2-14 Predictions: Atlantic Tsunami Update

“This important update about the Atlantic tsunami risk and strong potential is being posted here because things have changed a bit. The risk is more so and I’ve given some suggestions that might help to keep you safe. Please consider them and make good choices. Goodlife to you all.” 

From Grandfather

Friday, September 26, 2014

Mother Earth Reclaiming the Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is a beautiful place with many fine peoples. However, Mother Earth has plans for the Big Island and the plans have already begun. In this video you will learn more.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

Soul Survival

In these times you need to have more awareness that you are Soul, that you are Spirit and that your Soul and Spirit are immortal. You also need to know that it is in the nature of soul and spirit to be benevolent regardless of whether your life has been that or not on Earth.

Creator has decided to give you a reminder that you are Soul and you are Spirit and in this video you will find out what that reminder is.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spirituality and Personality - You Can Have Both, Part 2

It’s in the nature of spiritual work that the practitioner needs to be kind, considerate and gentle very often with your work and of course have a desire to want to be of help. Most of you know this.

It can happen, though it does not always, that some people will identify your compassion and kindness with - as you do your work - as it being your full time personality. Sometimes this is simply because that’s the only time or place they ever encounter you. Other times it’s because they actually need to believe that there are people like that and of course, while you may wish to be like that all the time you are after all - like everyone else - a human being. So, please do not expect yourself to be perfect all the time.

Sometimes you may have to let them know just by letting your natural personality come out - not in an overwhelming way but just as yourself - that you are also who you are for yourself and with your friends and loved ones.

So sometimes people will express or somehow emanate to you, or even the word getting back to you, that they were disappointed that you weren’t really as perfect as they thought you were. 

Instead of being worried about that, breathe a sigh of relief and know that it is very important - yes - to keep up your professional standards and ethics and it is almost as important to just be yourself when you’re not at work. 

Please do that or consider it seriously. Otherwise you might be holding yourself up to an unrealistic expectation, perhaps begun by others but if you perpetuate it yourself this unrealistic expectation can become a burden and might in time cause you to let go of your work or want to get away from it before its time.

So, it’s alright to be yourself.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Urgent Message About Water

Now this is an important tip for you all. You all need to drink more water and I'll tell you why. A lot of the water in your body now is going towards other uses. Many of you have asked over time, when are we going to transition to a higher dimension or when are our souls or spirits going to be more active in our bodies?

Now you have a physical example of that. Some of you have said to me - I feel like my eyes are strained because sometimes they hurt or it feels like there's something in my eyes and yet I try to get it out and it still feels that way. I mention a few of these things in case it sounds familiar to you.

What's going on and where is the water going in your body? Alright. Now, when your spirit and soul is more engaged in your physical body you need to have more water in your body. 

Think of yourself as a battery that needs water to be added to it to run the dynamo that you use to process and create everything. It's about creating a hospitable atmosphere for your soul to ground in and your overall spirit. Instead of just grounding on the soil and on the physical earth, which is very important for you also, your soul and spirit needs to ground in your body in its more liquified state.

So what's going on with your eyes or the feeling of being suddenly urgently thirsty is that your body needs more water. So drink more water* now. This is urgent.

Goodlife to you all.

*Water is needed on its own, not just as part of coffee or tea but on its own.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spirituality and Personality - You Can Have Both

Long ago, when I was just getting into spiritual work and didn't understand a lot of the - I'd say accoutrement that goes with it - the sort of outer aspects - there were quite a few people who wanted me to be a guru, a holy man, and I didn't really know how to do that. I hadn't been trained for that. 

So they made suggestions - I let my hair grow out a bit, I wore light colored clothes until this one day - okay, don't laugh now - I am laughing a bit - but there was one day when I was walking across a beach and there were several people trailing along and I realized, this is really quite silly. I am just a regular person who's been trained to do things and I am not any different than anybody else. I put my pants on one leg a time - okay? 

So, I just stopped and I said, "Y'know really, I just want to be myself." And that was that. 

Some years later I remember channeling Zoosh - this is when I had just recently started living in the Sedona area, Sedona Arizona, and I remember Zoosh saying that he wanted to urge guru's to come down from the hills because the people needed teachers who could teach them eye to eye and not be seen as exceptional people - not holy men, not holy women - just people like them. 

That means that what you are doing as a person who can do things, spiritual things, is within their reach. It's not something beyond their reach. It's not something that they have to give up on before they attempt to learn how to do these things. And that made a lot of sense to me again. 

So, I'm bringing up these points because it's something that some of you might stumble across and I wanted to give you the benefit of my experience in some way so that that might perhaps be able to help you. 

So recently, I've had occurrences where people again wanted me to be the holy man - somebody perfect - beyond humanity so that anything I had to teach or share with them could be deemed special, exceptional and not possible to be mistaken or flawed - but you see nowadays in this time of everybody's spirits and souls becoming more of their day to day selves people need to not only feel that they can accomplish some of these things - one or more spiritual capabilities - but they need to have permission

And when you who are trained to do some of these things have people who want you to be the holy man or the holy woman - think twice is what I have to say because it's important that you be able to be - not only yourself - to have a life aside from your teaching and the spiritual things you do no matter how profound or magical they might seem - it's important to be perceived as a person - not as somebody who is beyond the reach of the normal everyday person. 

It's possible, you see, to be a normal everyday person even if you're not exactly normal knowing many of these spiritual things but it's possible for the normal everyday person to learn certain things. 

That's the purpose of these blogs and the videos that you see here on Blogger and You Tube and other places that I've been putting out things for years, to remind you that you can do these things. You don't have to do everything but it is something you can practice and the steps are here on the written blogs and on the videos at times. 

So, don't be afraid. Take your steps slowly and recognize that you will make mistakes but if you start at the beginning and you learn gently, one step at a time, with much of the teaching you will find here on the written blogs and in the books and in the videos - granted you might have to start from the beginning if you are new to this teaching but if you've come a ways then just pick out things and study them and try to do the homework. 

Sometimes the homework will seem nonsensical or will not seem very important but remember, you are a spiritual person whether you know it or not and the homework often leads to other things. One step at a time. That's how I got to where I am today, one step at a time and it's what you can do too. 

So I wanted to talk to you today about these things because many of you will be enticed or even coerced with the best of intentions to be the "holy man" or "holy woman" but you don't have to be. You can be yourself. You can have your life and you - can - still - do many spiritual things. 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Bee Told Me

Years ago when I was living in a trailer park in Oak Creek Canyon, I have spoken about that before, I was taking a walk around the park and I happened to glance down and there sitting on my shirt right over my heart was a bee.

In those days I was talking to animals on a regular basis, I still do this but not as much as I did then. I said, "Goodlife," and I could hear them back in what interprets as my own language. The bee was very still and bee said, "Goodlife," and we chatted for a little while. I stopped my walk in a quiet spot and we talked. I spoke out loud but very quietly and bee responded.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is that bee told me something then that was very unsettling. Bee said, "We're leaving, you know." I said, "You're not going to be around here anymore?" "No, no," bee said, "we're leaving the planet. We feel not as welcome as we once did." 

I made a mental note to put out something about that at some point, which I did (see welcome link below) but bee went on to say, "A lot of non-humans will be leaving the planet and it will be up to the human beings who've had some training spiritually to fill in for what we've been doing." 

I said, " Will there be someone that will be able to instruct us?" Bee said, "Oh yes. Those of you who can remember or know. Those of you who can pick up messages, that will all be benevolent, will be able to find out this knowledge and wisdom." "Oh that's good," I said. "I hope you will be having good lives at least while you are here." Bee said, "It hasn't been so good lately."

So, I'm bringing this to your attention. I grant that I've held it back for a long time but it now feels like it's important to say since ultimately we're going to have to find a way to pollinate crops, though there are those who are going to try to produce crops in a widespread way without the need for pollination though I feel that pollinated crops are the best but that will be resolved in the process of time as the world goes on.

For now I will simply say we have to face a bit of the music. Bees are leaving. I hope we can welcome them to stay since the natural way is often the best.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wisdom From Animals

As part of the transformation process to a more benevolent Earth, animals around you - frequently pets - are passing on knowledge and wisdom to you, often with a special look but not always. Frequently it will happen just by being near them and it will always happen with love, benevolence and permission.

Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Predictions: ETs

Many of you have been wondering about all the predictions of seeing UFOs and ETs. When are you going to meet the ETs? There is a message here on this video that will tell you that another step towards your meeting the ETs has begun and the way might just surprise you.