Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Bee Told Me

Years ago when I was living in a trailer park in Oak Creek Canyon, I have spoken about that before, I was taking a walk around the park and I happened to glance down and there sitting on my shirt right over my heart was a bee.

In those days I was talking to animals on a regular basis, I still do this but not as much as I did then. I said, "Goodlife," and I could hear them back in what interprets as my own language. The bee was very still and bee said, "Goodlife," and we chatted for a little while. I stopped my walk in a quiet spot and we talked. I spoke out loud but very quietly and bee responded.

The reason I'm mentioning this now is that bee told me something then that was very unsettling. Bee said, "We're leaving, you know." I said, "You're not going to be around here anymore?" "No, no," bee said, "we're leaving the planet. We feel not as welcome as we once did." 

I made a mental note to put out something about that at some point, which I did (see welcome link below) but bee went on to say, "A lot of non-humans will be leaving the planet and it will be up to the human beings who've had some training spiritually to fill in for what we've been doing." 

I said, " Will there be someone that will be able to instruct us?" Bee said, "Oh yes. Those of you who can remember or know. Those of you who can pick up messages, that will all be benevolent, will be able to find out this knowledge and wisdom." "Oh that's good," I said. "I hope you will be having good lives at least while you are here." Bee said, "It hasn't been so good lately."

So, I'm bringing this to your attention. I grant that I've held it back for a long time but it now feels like it's important to say since ultimately we're going to have to find a way to pollinate crops, though there are those who are going to try to produce crops in a widespread way without the need for pollination though I feel that pollinated crops are the best but that will be resolved in the process of time as the world goes on.

For now I will simply say we have to face a bit of the music. Bees are leaving. I hope we can welcome them to stay since the natural way is often the best.



Margie said...

Thanks for this great post, Robert and sadly the bees were right.


Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Margie. Goodlife my friend.

Petr said...

Thank You for your message. That explain a loot of things about bees in our present time.... Good life.... Petr

Lee Rajkowski said...

Having the Bees leave is very concerning, as this will have a major effect to our human food supply and the beauty of all flowers and trees, including fruit trees! Wow, karma to all us humans who now will have to figure it out without the help of the Bees. This will force us all back into our Spirituality

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Petr for your comment.


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment Lee.


céline a said...

i hope we can welcome them to stay too.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment Celine.