Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spirituality and Personality - You Can Have Both, Part 2

It’s in the nature of spiritual work that the practitioner needs to be kind, considerate and gentle very often with your work and of course have a desire to want to be of help. Most of you know this.

It can happen, though it does not always, that some people will identify your compassion and kindness with - as you do your work - as it being your full time personality. Sometimes this is simply because that’s the only time or place they ever encounter you. Other times it’s because they actually need to believe that there are people like that and of course, while you may wish to be like that all the time you are after all - like everyone else - a human being. So, please do not expect yourself to be perfect all the time.

Sometimes you may have to let them know just by letting your natural personality come out - not in an overwhelming way but just as yourself - that you are also who you are for yourself and with your friends and loved ones.

So sometimes people will express or somehow emanate to you, or even the word getting back to you, that they were disappointed that you weren’t really as perfect as they thought you were. 

Instead of being worried about that, breathe a sigh of relief and know that it is very important - yes - to keep up your professional standards and ethics and it is almost as important to just be yourself when you’re not at work. 

Please do that or consider it seriously. Otherwise you might be holding yourself up to an unrealistic expectation, perhaps begun by others but if you perpetuate it yourself this unrealistic expectation can become a burden and might in time cause you to let go of your work or want to get away from it before its time.

So, it’s alright to be yourself.



Margie said...

Thank you, Robert

Robert Shapiro said...

Goodlife Margie