Saturday, December 8, 2007

Some Of My Influences Are...

Some of you may wonder how I've acquired this knowledge and wisdom - and I have done so from many spirit teachers who have guided me to try things, have instructed me how to do them, have supported with their wisdom and their energy to bring about these benevolent results I have been sharing with you on my other blogs here and here also for example.

I want to share one of those teachers with you now. That teachers name is Grandfather and this being has made a point to me that this being works with Shamans and Mystics and other people reaching for a spiritual connection to the way things work everywhere in the universe as well as how they can work on Earth.

The being does not claim in any way to be omnipotent or anything like that but rather helps me to understand my life, my place in it and how I can be of service with details and guidance. I want to expose you to some of what that being has to say.

Grandfather has volunteered to share his personality with you through me, I have stated that I'm a Professional Trance Channel amongst other things, and therefore I'm going to offer as often as I am able here on this blog to the best of my ability some videos here where Grandfather will be sharing information with you and you'll be able to see one of my teachers, one of those beings that influences me benevolently, in action speaking through me to you.

And he's going to start this by giving you some knowledge about the year 2008 which I'm sure - perhaps you may be interested in. Without further ado, here is the first of those predictions.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Global Changes For Generational Influence

For a long time now a friend of mine who lives in Japan has been sending me various cares and concerns that he has for the people there.

He has great heart for the peoples of Japan and truly loves the country. He is a man of great heart. I'm not going to bring up his name here at this time since I'm not sure if he'd want to be mentioned but I will simply say that one of his great concerns is for the young people there and their opportunities in society and their drastic actions to themselves when they feel there is no way out.

So - I've been given some information recently and I want to pass it on on this blog since I'm using this blog here to present different ideas, different possibilities and even discuss things that I've put out in books in one way or another.

The information I've received lately about Japan is about the changeover in their country. One of the changes mentioned is that the old ways will be gradually changed. This of course is a global phenomena but while it is perceived with alarm, understandably by those who have kept track of such things, I've got to say that at least in Japan it may not ultimately be as alarming as it seems - but the transition to the replacement system will involve many steps however a great many of those steps have already been done. This is what I've been taught.

What will happen is that much younger people who are now geared towards efficiency - being raised in computer world and understanding how things work and how people will co-operate with a project for whatever reason simply because it is efficient - and that general goals of large groups of people can be met by co-operating in that fashion.

Now I know that sounds vague but you have to understand that as a principle before you recognize that the group of people who are going to be leading Japan some time within the next 40 years, and I'm talking about in all forms of life, are younger people who are structured towards efficiency and are not really in allegiance to the old ways.

This will happen for a time but the generations coming up after them will notice that that system itself is flawed and that what is needed is a sincerity based upon heart not just what works.

What works makes sense but ultimately there must be heart behind sincerity not just need. Need as you know can often be based upon something that may be destructive to others and certainly self-destructive and that especially cannot be allowed to be perpetuated in a country like Japan that is producing a great many wonderful minds. And yet heart has been discouraged there but now Japan and other countries find themselves presented with whole generations who are here to express heart and if there is no outlet to express heart will feel unneeded and unwanted and I do not feel that any country or any place on Earth can afford to push that away for too long.

In the larger sense what's going on is a shift on the Earth to a more heart centered way of life. Not heart based upon passion of, "I want, I need right now regardless of what happens to you." Not that, we have seen that in the past and even now in the present. I'm talking about heart, "I want, I need and you want, you need. Lets come together, discover what we have in common, work towards that for the sake of each other and on the way we'll discover how much we are alike."

I know I've spoken of these matters before but this is how we're going to be able to unite, come to a global society and achieve what can be achieved on this planet.

Imagine that we are all working together towards some common goal that doesn't come about as a result of a reaction to disaster. We all know how people can rise above any personal interest in times of disaster but what if it were possible to work towards a global solution, not only for problems we all face but a global solution simply based on the desire that everyone have comfort, food, shelter and happiness. This can be achieved without others being harmed.

So, I'm trying to give you a glimmer of the future here that has started in this post about Japan but ultimately Japan is a society that at this moment is a little bit on the forefront of the coming generational changes and as a result of their system - not only governmentally but socially that is not surprising.

Still - since Japan is on the leading edge of this change, even though it may not be obvious to the citizens there especially younger ones, take hope that the apparent impossibilities of societies changing can change.

We don't have to have only nationalistic drives and striving towards those limited goals. It is possible now to achieve goals based entirely upon heart.

In light of that let us all say, if we believe in its value, the following living prayer. But first I recommend that you ask for all the benevolent energies that are available for you to be present in a way that is comforting, in spiritual balance and that does only good for you and others.

Then wait a couple of minutes and then say, "I am asking that all those who desire to express their loving hearts in the most benevolent way will now be recognized as people of value in all of their societies, cultures and families simply because of that desire to love and allow others to love and that this form a lasting foundation grounded in the nature of human reality as seen in infancy and often very old age and certainly in nature and nurture."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Answering A Tough Question

Here is a question from Michael S. who is disturbed about the conflict between his personal spirituality and his difficulty with illegal immigration happening in his city. I've included a few excerpts from his question here:

I wanted to ask...a question about something I'm going through...

Well, the question or questions are connected to the illegal immigration that's happening in the country and particularly in's getting rather out of control in terms of levels of undocumented people entering, etc.

I have noticed that this bothers me quite a bit. I consider myself a compassionate person...

Over the last several years thousands of these illegal immigrants have been coming into my area. While I try to have sympathy for their plight it has begun to wear away...

I am conflicted about my feelings: should I be more loving to these people...

Michael, thank you for your interest. I can understand your conflict about these matters. After all, one does not know what possible horrors these people are fleeing from - nor does one necessarily have the capability to identify with the struggle and thence the joy of the freedoms we have here in the US. Still, there is no question that those who go through the process to legally emigrate to the US deserves the US's official citizen status.

It is a question of the heart isn't it. Do we serve those amongst us who may, for all we know, be causing harm? Do we serve only those whom we identify as deserving?

This is my answer and I am counting on your intelligence to interpret it. In my experience - what works best in terms of magic, and that is something I am known for and it is where I live, is that in order for magic to work benevolently for all beings it must serve all beings.

My feeling, Michael, is that what we understand borders to be now are changing and that the world as we've grown up and identified it as a place where Americans live in their countries and where Europeans live in their countries and Asians and Africans and so on - that world is changing. Granted, we may not like all of the aspects of the world order that's coming about since it will be based on the corporate model not on the model we've come to identify as countries, citizens of countries and so on. Even though it will be difficult, my feeling is that ultimately - granted it will take years - ultimately it will create a united Earth.

So that when a visitor comes from afar and says, "Who are you people?" No matter where they land on the planet the people will say, "We are Earth citizens" not, "We are Americans" not, "We are Europeans" not, "We are Asians" - "We are Earth Citizens." I feel the struggles we are going through now and that you personally are experiencing are steps along the path towards claiming Earth Citizenship. Thank you for your interest.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Simple Truths

Those of us in blogging world are often challenged, are we not, with the means to communicate what we are feeling and thinking in a way that gets across eh.

It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books which, I must modestly say is one of my own books, is the following which refers to us living a life on our world:

"Ultimately what everyone remembers from this experience, aside from the individual lessons when you leave Earth, is that without having the knowledge and wisdom to speak to someone in a way they can hear you, you will not be able to communicate even if you are offering the greatest gift on Earth."

It is simply stated and seems perfectly logical and yet how often we come across that even with people who speak our same language eh.

Sometimes the simple truths are the ones that we trip over most often because it is meant for us to know them, it is meant for us to remember them and there is no question that it is meant for us to achieve wisdom.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Shaman's Way Archive

For a short time in '06 I had a blog on Typepad that I did not keep up past a certain point. I've decided to reprint it here as an archive and I hope that you will enjoy it.

In order to keep it as accurate as possible I have kept to the blog tradition and you will find that the posts, in order by date, begin at the bottom here and proceed up to the post dated 10-31-06.


Allowing Credit

Do we really have to walk through fire to test our faith. I grant that this is an old and - yes perhaps even ancient rite of passage but I believe that nowadays given the complications and difficulties of life that many of us are, at least parenthetically walking through fire in our day to day lives and I feel this is sufficient.

I also feel that while this testing ground of life that we're living in is filled with possibilities that could go this way or that way that it is important to create another rite of passage and that is walking through the cool. I'm not referring to the cool world or the latest greatest here. I'm referring to allowing ourselves to be, to exist, to have a good life and most important - giving ourselves permission to have this good life.

Is it really possible to have a good life, to be enjoying what you're doing and to allow other people to live their lives. One of the biggest challenges, you know, is that your friends, your family, very often people you care about very deeply might be going through something that you can see crystal clear and much as you've tried to help them - they really can't hear you.

It's not that they don't consider your opinion or your experience valuable it's just that they are going through it and even though you might see it clearly, just as others might see what you are going through clearly, it is important to give them permission to go through it on their own.

Once they get through it perhaps they will comment, on their progress or how they did it, to you and you can smile to yourself thinking - well I seem to recall suggesting that but don't say it. How often have you had your creations, especially when you were younger, tampered with - and by that I mean that you accomplished something that you felt good about. You were inspired perhaps - you struggled and you accomplished it and then along came a well meaning friend or family member and said - I told you to do that a long time ago - and you felt crushed. You felt like your creation or your creative impulse had been stamped upon.

It is important to not just walk through the fire but walk through the cool. The cool in this case has to do with being cool yes but it has to do with allowing yourself the freedom and the permission to have a good life and allowing loved ones, friends and family to struggle when necessary. Of course offer help when you feel it is desired and yet there are so many times aren't there when offering help will really get in the way of their own creation.

So enjoy your life, offer help when it's desired by others but stand back when you see them - yes struggling a bit but perhaps a struggle that will pay off in a way that they will be able to feel and believe that they did it themselves. This is so very important.

So - that's what I suggest. Goodlife.

Seeing Energy Bodies

Have you ever noticed that you're looking at something, perhaps at a distance, and there is a slight glow around it.

I want to share with you something many of you may already know and that is how to see an energy field above a person.

First practice, if you can , seeing an energy field above an object and then pick a friend who wants to learn how to do this as well. It must be somebody who wants to do it on their own desire not because you want them to practice with you - so if you have to go to a place where you're likely to meet people like that that's fine. Maybe you already know someone like that.

Then this is what I recommend - stand in front of a blank wall, if you have to sit that's okay but make sure if you're sitting that the other person is looking at you in such a way as anything you're sitting in is not directly beyond their point of view - meaning that if there's a back to the chair that you're then showing your profile. That allows them to see you and right beyond you is the wall - you understand. So if you can stand that's alright. If you can sit perhaps on a stool that's alright too.

Then the person who is observing sit if you like or stand at least 10 feet away. If you can't get any further away than 6 feet that's alright but 10 feet would be better.

Then for the person who's being observed close your eyes and see if you can experience this feeling - think of something that made you laugh. You don't have to laugh while you're standing or sitting there but try to remember how funny it was and just stay focused on that - that funny thing.

Then relax after a time - you can pick the time - it doesn't make any difference how long but make sure it's at least 2 minutes. You stay focused on the funny thing as long as you remember the fun of it and how funny it was. Then whenever that feeling releases - relax for a moment and then shortly thereafter remember something that made you think long and hard. I don't mean something that made you sad or something that upset you - just something that made you think - you had to think about it, you understand.

Then after that feeling fades then remember something that made you sad. Don't linger on that. It tends to linger anyway you see.

Then relax and after that to finish up remember something that makes you feel good or happy, whichever you like - it can be anything. That's the procedure to follow. If you can't do that all one after the other then just do one at a time.

The other person - you keep in mind that that's the process and don't look at their entire body. The reason you have them standing in front of a blank wall - meaning if there was anything hanging on the wall see if you can take it down and ideally the wall is white or beige, some neutral color you see - what you want to do is look at the very top of their head and if you begin to see something even a lighter area beyond the top of their head or perhaps above their shoulders don't look at that.

What you do is begin to look at the very top of that changed color or glow and look further away from it - meaning if it's above their head for example then look very slightly above the point where you see the change, where you see the glow, where you see the color and if the color or glow expands continue to concentrate moving your point of vision - where you are staring on the wall - above and slightly away from that color. This is the way I recommend that you view the energy body around a person.

The value of having known feelings is that it might be possible to see colors. Certain colors of light and energy are supported by our bodies and by those Guides and Angels that support us. It is not that we are taking advantage of these loving beings.

It is that they, I believe, are trying to teach us more about our ongoing spiritual lives. So don't feel, if you would, that they are being - how can we say - manipulated. It is a standard reality that our bodies signal our needs and these colors of light are intended to feed the subtle energies of our body with what we need.

I will say more about this as time goes on. Goodlife to you all.

Seeing Now

Energy is something that is all around us all the time and yet is it so close to us that we cannot feel it?

I believe that we are feeling energy more and more these days - and I mean everybody. It's just that our lives are so complicated and often harried that it is difficult - even challenging to notice the subtle things. However - we all have these quiet moments - sometimes it's here, sometimes it's there and I'll bet that some of you have noticed a difference in what you're seeing.

If you live in the same place or spend a lot of time in the same place when there's quiet moments and no one else around - I recommend that you notice things and try to notice them as well after you've noticed them. What do I mean by that?

You have probably read about or heard about latent images - meaning that which you notice essentially after the fact. You've perhaps had the experience where you have - say clicked on something on the internet and then realized that there was something on the previous page you actually wanted to see because you didn't notice it until after the fact that you clicked. Sometimes that's a memory but other times it's a latent image - meaning you're already off the page but you can still almost see it.

I'm not trying to talk about the internet here. Rather I'm suggesting that it is possible these days for everyone to notice that there are slight image differences in what you see - yes with your own eyes.

I'm not talking about a photograph. I'm not talking about any special effect. I'm simply talking about what you observe and it will most often be seen as a latent image - meaning you look away and then you realize that what you were looking at was slightly different. You look back and it's its own normal state of being - meaning whatever you normally see.

What's happening is that energies of personality that are associated with benign and benevolent spirits - sometimes Guides and always loving beings - are beginning to reveal themselves to us.

They don't look like us. They look like light usually. Sometimes it will be a vertical beam of light but it will almost always be very gentle - a soft color - perhaps lilac or light green for example. Other times there will be a blink of light - meaning a light just free floating in space but it will be so quick that it will be gone in a moment. Often this will be white, occasionally other colors and when you look back it's not there.

This isn't somebody trying to play a joke or a trick on you. This is a time now when subtleties are more available and ironically it's because we are so busy and because we cannot think about the subtleties - we can only notice them most of the time after the fact.

I'm bringing it to your attention because so many of us - and perhaps you have too - have asked to see, to know, to be aware of our Guides, Angels and Loving Teachers and other beings that we hope and believe and really want to be there and it is a time right now and has been for a while that such evidence can be present for us.

Occasionally you will get a word or two if you happen to see something like this but almost always there will be a gentle feeling - perhaps a feeling that is warm and loving in the most comfortable way. If that doesn't happen for you right away perhaps it will at some point.

I just wanted to let you know that this is happening now and it will continue in the most gentle, loving and benevolent way and it will never be frightening - so if anything like that happens to you just know it's not what I'm referring to here and look forward to this benevolent experience of your Guides, Angels, Loving Teachers and yes - perhaps Deities who are revealing themselves to you now in this most benevolent way.


The Herald Of Purple

What is the nature of the color purple. Why is it associated with spirit. This is a color that has been seen - not only by Visionaries but by everyday people. People like you and I and people you see walking on the street every day.

The color has been seen around the time of the passing of a loved one or a friend or sometimes even someone you did not really know very well. Perhaps they were an acquaintance, perhaps a complete stranger.

I'm not referring to the dark purple color that is often used for religious ceremonies. This is a lighter purple color and has a version of translucence to it - sometimes even a variation of transparency.

It is always seen when a Spirit is either coming or going to someplace and on occasion it is seen when a Spirit is visiting. It is really true that spirits can visit. Sometimes a place, sometimes a person and this visiting is always accompanied by a benevolent guide even if the Spirit themselves are a guide because if they're visiting someplace it is very often a situation where there is some affection, feeling or sense of familiarity and one would like to have a friend of ones own kind present.

I'm bringing this up to you today because I feel it's important for you to recognize that should you see this kind of thing most often it will not be in the form of a human being. It will be a fairly anomalous shape. Perhaps just a sweep of purple, perhaps a sort of shape - sometimes even in a circle or a disc shape.

This is something that we will see these days more and more. Don't be frightened please. It will almost always be accompanied by a benevolent energy that many of you will be able to physically feel and be comforted by. As I say, it may be a friend or a beloved relative.

If you can see it the chances are it is somebody that you have known or some being that has great affection for you. It is then a blessing and I believe ought to be counted as one. I am hopeful that you will have the opportunity to have this experience as I feel that it will often be something that you may cherish.

Spirits these days have more capacity to move amongst us. According to what I've been taught and what I believe by my experience, this is because we as physical beings have moved beyond the station that we were at when our world was a portion of our lives - meaning when we were born.

There has been an acceleration in spirit and form. Some of it has been brought about by our compassion towards our fellow beings who are suffering but I believe also that some of it has been brought about by our desire for us to get on with a more benevolent life and to embrace all those in the world who desire the same thing.

Welcome the sight of the beautiful light colored purple. It will always be a visitation of a beloved and benevolent Spirit.

Goodlife to you all.

Reaching Back To Us

On awakening in the morning you may find yourself with a slightly more groggy feeling these days.

Oh granted, it's because - at least partially - the atmosphere that most of us are living in is not as oxygenated as it needs to be.

Still there's another reason and I believe it is a more pleasant reason. We are gradually merging with our greater personalities. Many of us have dreamt things with little glimmers or heard words when we woke up from our dream that are mystifying and intriguing.

Sometimes we forget about it, other times it lingers. I know that many of us are having unpleasant dreams but I'm not referring to that. I'm talking about those mysterious dreams that feel so personal and yet when you think of the images you cannot place anything in them in your current life.

In my experience, I believe that this is the future portions of us in this life - not in some unknown world - reaching back to us through the veils of time to connect to us and support us.

I'm going to recommend that you do something - if you like. First I'm going to suggest that you request the most benevolent energies, beings, yes Deities if you like, Creator and/or others to be near you with the most benevolent energy and wait a minute or so. Perhaps some of you will feel something.

Then I'm going to suggest the following Living Prayer. Remember to say it out loud and try to say it exactly as it is printed here.

I suggest you say, "I am asking that all those beings who live in our time now feel greater influence from our most benevolent selves in the future of our now time and that that influence support, nurture and strengthen our capabilities to survive and thrive in increasing comfort."

It is alright to say something like that you see - and a Living Prayer of course includes yourself but it also includes the greater community and beyond.

I feel that you will find that these glimmers, these touches with our benevolent future become increasingly available. Try to note how you feel when you wake up from such dreams.

If you have the momentary tension of an alarm clock, that might muddy the situation but if you've been able to wake up peacefully and calmly then note how you feel.

This is important. Such feelings might provide for you the ability to truly have a reminder that your future is not only much more benevolent then it is now but that that future you, from this life, loves you and cares about you so much that they are reaching back to you in your now time to bring about greater ease in your life.

Is that not truly loving. Goodlife to you all.

Friday, April 20, 2007


I am considering building a blog here. Please allow some time for me to post what feels right for this space.
Thank you. Goodlife.