Friday, July 31, 2009

Allowing our Sensitivity, Part 1

Now is the time to unmask your sensitivity and to allow it to demonstrate to you its great gifts. It's not a time to hide it because decisions you will have to make now and in the immediate future will require your sharpest and most clear instinct of which sensitivity is a very important part.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Response to a Question About Dreams

Recently a question was asked on a video that I posted to my You Tube site and also here on Explorer Race. I'm reproducing the question below and my brief answer because I felt you might be interested and might wish to try it out for yourselves.

Are we going to be spending more time in the dream state because the creation process going on in dreams will assume a more tangible reality?

Only in certain places will that occur, such as the area referred to in this video. There will be a few other places and of course in time the spreading of such influence will expand but generally speaking if you're asking whether everyone everyplace will be recreating their reality more and more in these ways through dreams I'd say not immediately but there is more.

I believe it is our job to utilize the benevolent suggestions in our dreams to create - yes - a more benevolent reality and also to simply allow that a more benevolent reality could happen.

So recommendation, I feel it's very important out there for everyone to say this once a day. You don't have to do it because I say so, just say it and see how you feel. Maybe the first few times you'll feel silly but after a while it might just help. I recommend you say, "Things could get better." Then pause for a moment. Then say, "Things could get better for me." That's what I recommend.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009 Predictions: Las Vegas, Part 2

The dreaming process in suburban Las Vegas will help people to re-create their lives in a more benevolent way and through this focus not only attract people there but also attract people with an energy that will support such re-creation.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Waking Up Process Is Upon Us

When in an awakened state we glance around and sense our environment - there is a moment when we're uncertain. Where are we? What am I in this life? Am I organic? Am I mineral? What am I? These are not always thoughts but it is a range of feeling one goes through from the deep dream state to the wake state.

This is not what I'm talking about however. Right now all over the world human beings are waking up and you will have lucid moments when you feel fully 90% of your natural native true personalities that you have beyond this planet in other lives.

In those moments they'll be a struggle: who am I, what am I, why am I here but then they'll be a calm followed perhaps by an excitement which will pass and then a calm again. Some of you will experience it as if it were a detachment but it's not really that. It's allowance and letting go but you haven't consciously done that, it just happens. In that sense, it's easy.

These moments will become more frequent for us all. They will feel in a way rather philosophical. The lives we have known up to that point will return but they'll be more and more of these moments. Don't let them frighten you. It is part of the waking up process - the remembering of who we really are which is the process we're all on right now.

It has to do with the feminine energy which has risen on the planet. I'm not talking about the feminine beings on the planet so much, though they feel it strongly. I'm talking about the planet herself. There is a reason we say Mother Earth because she does give life in many ways and support and nurture it in other ways.

Don't be alarmed when these moments happen for you or for others. They will pass and then as they get more frequent they will have a little longer duration and then as time goes on there will be only those moments and the old life will be forgotten.

We will still have loved ones, friends, companions, good work to do but there will be no more strife. How many times have you prayed for heaven on Earth. It will be that in the most benevolent way for all beings. We are loved and this is happening out of a gift package provided by Creator who feels we have done enough to accomplish what we came here to do. We're waking up slowly so it's not frightening though they'll be those moments of doubt when we're lucid.

It will be all right. It will be with ease - more and more so. Goodlife.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009 Predictions: Las Vegas, Part 1

Those who live in suburban Las Vegas will now be experiencing a form of heightened dream state that is driven on by an urgent need to get more sleep. This heightened dream state if practiced with care and studied properly can be used to recreate your life in a more benevolent fashion as well as to understand your life in a way that allows insights and a certain acquisition of wisdom.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009 Predictions: Duluth

Ancient personality traits will emerge from hundreds of years ago in the most benevolent way in Duluth as well as some other areas. This is explained and explored in some detail in this video.

Duluth will also become considerably more popular as a place to visit for extended stays because of the personality of the people and the buoyant personality traits that come to the surface for visitors as well.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009 Predictions: Medicine Hat

An energy now from Mother Earth's heart is radiating up into, through and around Medicine Hat that will stimulate, support and have benevolent impacts in Medicine Hat and beyond.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Explorer Race Books Index (Free Download)

I want to announce something here. So very many of you have requested this and now a very large portion of it is available. My publisher Light Technology has gone to the great time and effort to create an index of the first 12 Explorer Race books.

I know that many of you have commented that you remember reading something about a subject you're interested in, in one of the books but you can't remember where. This index will allow you to find the subject you're interested in and find out where it was referred to in the first 12 books.

While it doesn't cover every book I channeled and have had published by Light Technology it does cover, as I say, the first 12. So that's a big step and I'm hopeful that you will enjoy exploring that. It's available as a free download at so it's going to be easy and convenient for you to use.


Monday, July 6, 2009

2009 Predictions: Tucson

Artists and the artistic community as well as the creative community are being drawn to Tucson right now to develop a community that will contribute and transform the area in the most benevolent way.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009 Predictions: Chicago

The children now of Chicago, especially the very young, are going to create the most wonderful world much of which has been hoped for and dreamed for by older generations including you who may be reading this - things you've thought were lost in the past and you wished were still part of Chicago or things you dreamed about and hoped that Chicago could stand for that are likely to be a portion of Chicago as that generation grows up. Look forward to it.