Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Water - Our Most Vital Resource

It has come to my attention, and I'm sure some of yours, that we are beginning to see are we not - toys and more industrial products that without too much consideration for the future or perhaps because of a competitive bent are using water to either teach about fuel cells and what they can do or to sell it as a potentially cheap form of liquid fuel.

I grant that when one looks around the planet, this being a water planet, that one might say - well, there is abundance of water and in fact in some places there seems to be too much and when one considers that the ice is melting all over the world we don't want it overrunning us do we? So I'm going to say that in fact there will be this idea catching on and future generations will take water as a fuel for granted.

Unfortunately as we all know, when something is taken for granted it tends to be overused. This is part of the reason the oil companies, even though they may seem on the surface to us to be greedy, are in fact rushing pell-mell with the extra dollars they may have right now in their pockets to produce other means to generate energy that can be sent out over the current distribution system of electricity and in this they cannot be faulted too much.

After all when oil is no longer readily available, and you understand they are going to almost herculean lengths now to acquire it, then they will be looked upon as the global distribution source for available power and some people because they are suspicious of these companies - perhaps not altogether unreasonably - will demand that they reveal their hidden sources of electrical capacity that they've "kept in the closet."

I am not one to accuse them of anything. I do recognize that they are competitive and consider, as one might in any field, certain things to be - how can we say - against their better interests but they have not attempted to destroy these things. Rather they have created small divisions to look into them and those small divisions in recent years have been getting bigger and bigger and now we're beginning to see sprouting up here and there various forms of these presented as being in the experimental stage but in fact very often - not always - very often actually in infant, so to speak, demonstration stages - but I digress.

My concern as you might be able to tell here is that when something becomes taken for granted in the flow of products to consumers that consumers after a time create not only a demand but an expectation and when such expectations take place one has the draining of the world oil resources for example to say nothing of other resources that are hard to get to - most coal is not lying around on the surface as coal companies and miners know all to well.

This is not intended in any way to be a criticism of the oil and other industries, rather I'm using them as an example because my concern about the water consuming products - be they industrial or be they simply a toy for example is that no matter what their intention I believe that people either in industry or simply because of recognized necessity will take it for granted - and water is the liquid that we live by.

I do not expect that water will be possible to synthesize in the future. So my recommendation is this. It would be much better to continue to develop wind and solar energy and please consider water only as a temporary alternative.

There may seem to be more than we need right now but my feeling is that it's just the opposite. Mother Earth has melted these ice caps and these glaciers because she can feel that there are more people living on her right now then have room to live, so the people need more land to live on and the animals also need more space that they can occupy for they are being shoved out at a rapid pace off the land.

So - this temporary infusion of water, some of which will find its way naturally to underground water resources and some of which will be used for fuel etc., will be temporary only.

I am not expecting a great flood - and I have taken a look into the future. It is true that temporarily some people may need to be moved off of very low lying islands but I do not expect that the waters on the planet will rise in any place in any location on a permanent basis any more that 8 to 10 inches though there may be some temporary rises of 16 inches tops but I do not expect that to last, if it does, for more than a few years - 8 to 12 at most.

Now - some of you can see that that kind of a rise would create a serious problem in very low lying islands and it might create a problem on the shores but I have stated in these blogs before here and here as well my belief that it is important to move back from the seas - move inland and I feel that's another reason Mother Earth is making more land available.

So - this is my suggestion to be said as a benevolent magic since it involves you personally and others it can be said this way. I recommend you say - if you like, "I request that all waters of the planet be safe and secure in the most benevolent way for all land life and that this safety and security take place in the most benevolent way for all beings including myself resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

Now you see it has to be said including yourself if we're going to say benevolent magic but it also comes through with more energy that way. If you prefer to say it as a living prayer and use that form of benevolent magic you might say, "I am asking that the resources of the world - waters, air and other aspects of Mother Earth all be preserved in the most benevolent balance and in the safest way for all life - human, plant, animal - all life." That's what I recommend.