Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Moving Towards Our Full Capacity

Preamble: If you've read the Explorer Race Series - specifically The Explorer Race you may have a greater context to understand and appreciate the following material.

A channeling from Grandfather:

Your planet now is in a transitional stage at about 3.53. It may not be obvious because there are struggles and people are having their feelings heightened and as a result they are aware of their feelings much more so than ever before regardless of whether their feelings are pleasant or unpleasant - they are aware of them.

This heightened state of feelings has allowed people to become more perceptive of their own feelings and to a degree of the feelings of others - not only because the feelings of others are being broadcasted by them but also that sensory awareness that is within all people that we call instinct has allowed people to become more aware that other people have strong feelings.

So that stage of disengagement with others and disengagement with self has come to a complete and total end.

Integration with all others and ones total surroundings is making it possible to become aware on a feeling level of all things.

Granted if one has not honed one's skills to see that which is of alternative worlds then one will at the very least feel such things. So people are beginning to have the experiences that have been predicted for all these many years in the books and magazine and as a result people are experiencing the full range, albeit on a minimal scale, of their total capacity right now.

Since people are not completely clear themselves this is acting a bit like a provocateur to encourage people to become clear in their total being, to become focused on the most benevolent outcome they desire for themselves as well as to desperately need means to establish that potential which is now needed as an actuality that is lived on a day to day basis.

So one must have not only the tools to become clear, such as you might find here, so that one can experience the full range of one's abilities on a soul and spiritual level but one must actually practice these things. They cannot simply be known as a theoretical situation or as something you write down and then forget about - hmm. It must be something that is practiced daily. So I urge you to not only do this for yourself but to urge others to do it for them as well.

Those who are experiencing feelings of agitation that are heightened now - that's what that agitation is about. It isn't about this person or that person doing this or that, though it might feel that way.

It's entirely about this inner drive to become clear or to take the steps to become clear and continue to do those steps every single day of your life which will then help a great deal because it puts you into the camp, so to speak, of those who desire to apply and experience clarity so that one can experience a more benevolent life and it also paves the way to achieve that clarity. And with such clarity as that one will experience greater benevolence and simply not experience the harshness in any way or be touched by the harshness in any way that can cause harm to one's self or can touch those you love and even those whom you admire, appreciate or simply recognize as friends and neighbors.

This will be a many stepped process but it must go beyond thought. It must be action. It must be something you do on a daily basis.

For some people they might have to give up certain things that cause them to become angry or upset. In some cases this will mean cutting down on news that stirs you up but for which you can do nothing.

In other cases it might be associated with those you see and those who see only the dismal side of life - or practice it - and for still others one might be able to float, so to speak, between all of those things and be unaffected by them because of your personal determination to experience the benevolent.

By this I do not mean that one would pretend that the benevolent is in existence and ignore that one's life is in a shambles but rather because of your determination to practice these means for clarity and these goals for benevolence - that one is able to move this way, then that way and avoid certain circumstances that might be harmful to one's self.

I will say a great deal more about this as time goes on. Goodlife.