Sunday, November 3, 2019

As In Water, So In Us

I’d like to tell you something today about water that can improve the quality of your life just knowing it. Water does not like to be trapped. 
     It particularly is comfortable passing through people or plants or animals. It likes doing that. It enjoys and seeks freedom always. This is very important to know. 
     Here’s something you can do to improve the quality of your experience with water. If you take baths, meaning sitting in a tub, when you sit into the water feel grateful that it’s there but you don’t have to rationalize why, just practice feeling grateful even for a few seconds. The water will know that you’re feeling grateful. 
     Here’s something else. When you turn on the tap and fill a glass or a container with water to drink or water to carry perhaps in your portable canteen or water bottle then what to do is not to cap it immediately. If it is for yourself, take a little sip first even if you’re not particularly thirsty. This way the water is assured it will not be trapped and it is meant to be consumed so it will know it’s going to pass through you or some other human being. 
     If you’re filling one for your youngster, for instance going on a hike, going some place, have them take a little sip of the water unless they’re really thirsty then you can always refill it but once it’s refilled it’s important for them to have a little sip of the water - okay. The water, being reassured that it will not be trapped in that container but rather it will be flowing through beings will make the water happier. 
     It will cause the water to be more relaxed and feel comfortable and it will pass on those feelings to you. This is very important to know. 
     Another important point is imagine, and I think you know and science even tells you how much of our own physical bodies are made up of water. It’s quite a bit - and therefore our feelings are affected by waters in general.
     Notice the water around you. Is it trapped, does it have a way to move. When it rains, does it flow off the streets into gutters and so on. The water’s okay with that but if you happen to see sometime an old bucket sitting somewhere that’s filled with water and the water doesn’t appear to be doing very well and maybe there’s something on the surface - perhaps oil or something - but it’s just a light sheen and you can tell it’s water underneath - if you can, spill the bucket out so the water can be free and move.
     I feel that water is here to help us all and in order to improve the quality of feelings in the water and thus in ourselves. It would be good to reassure water of its safe and smooth passage so that it is not feeling trapped and unhappy.
     Now I want to share something further with you. You may have thought about it but I want to encourage you to welcome water. Even when it rains, welcome it and I also want to remind you that when you drink water, especially when you’re very thirsty, it’s alright to feel welcoming and you would naturally in your physical body welcome that when you’re very thirsty. 
     Water loves that - alright. Water, by its very nature is loving. It loves itself and it loves other portions of itself so that when it comes into your physical body it recognizes itself in you. So it’s alright for you to welcome the water.


Unknown said...

Hi, Robert. I love your books, and found your blog for the first time today, which is very exciting. I just wanted to share my appreciation for all of the wonderful information you have shared with me, I look forward to learning more. I am trained as a Hypnotherapist, and so your process of channeling interests me very much. Thank you for making life a little more interesting!

casa-de-jen said...

This makes do much sense, thank you 🙋🏼‍♀️