Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spirituality and Personality - You Can Have Both

Long ago, when I was just getting into spiritual work and didn't understand a lot of the - I'd say accoutrement that goes with it - the sort of outer aspects - there were quite a few people who wanted me to be a guru, a holy man, and I didn't really know how to do that. I hadn't been trained for that. 

So they made suggestions - I let my hair grow out a bit, I wore light colored clothes until this one day - okay, don't laugh now - I am laughing a bit - but there was one day when I was walking across a beach and there were several people trailing along and I realized, this is really quite silly. I am just a regular person who's been trained to do things and I am not any different than anybody else. I put my pants on one leg a time - okay? 

So, I just stopped and I said, "Y'know really, I just want to be myself." And that was that. 

Some years later I remember channeling Zoosh - this is when I had just recently started living in the Sedona area, Sedona Arizona, and I remember Zoosh saying that he wanted to urge guru's to come down from the hills because the people needed teachers who could teach them eye to eye and not be seen as exceptional people - not holy men, not holy women - just people like them. 

That means that what you are doing as a person who can do things, spiritual things, is within their reach. It's not something beyond their reach. It's not something that they have to give up on before they attempt to learn how to do these things. And that made a lot of sense to me again. 

So, I'm bringing up these points because it's something that some of you might stumble across and I wanted to give you the benefit of my experience in some way so that that might perhaps be able to help you. 

So recently, I've had occurrences where people again wanted me to be the holy man - somebody perfect - beyond humanity so that anything I had to teach or share with them could be deemed special, exceptional and not possible to be mistaken or flawed - but you see nowadays in this time of everybody's spirits and souls becoming more of their day to day selves people need to not only feel that they can accomplish some of these things - one or more spiritual capabilities - but they need to have permission

And when you who are trained to do some of these things have people who want you to be the holy man or the holy woman - think twice is what I have to say because it's important that you be able to be - not only yourself - to have a life aside from your teaching and the spiritual things you do no matter how profound or magical they might seem - it's important to be perceived as a person - not as somebody who is beyond the reach of the normal everyday person. 

It's possible, you see, to be a normal everyday person even if you're not exactly normal knowing many of these spiritual things but it's possible for the normal everyday person to learn certain things. 

That's the purpose of these blogs and the videos that you see here on Blogger and You Tube and other places that I've been putting out things for years, to remind you that you can do these things. You don't have to do everything but it is something you can practice and the steps are here on the written blogs and on the videos at times. 

So, don't be afraid. Take your steps slowly and recognize that you will make mistakes but if you start at the beginning and you learn gently, one step at a time, with much of the teaching you will find here on the written blogs and in the books and in the videos - granted you might have to start from the beginning if you are new to this teaching but if you've come a ways then just pick out things and study them and try to do the homework. 

Sometimes the homework will seem nonsensical or will not seem very important but remember, you are a spiritual person whether you know it or not and the homework often leads to other things. One step at a time. That's how I got to where I am today, one step at a time and it's what you can do too. 

So I wanted to talk to you today about these things because many of you will be enticed or even coerced with the best of intentions to be the "holy man" or "holy woman" but you don't have to be. You can be yourself. You can have your life and you - can - still - do many spiritual things.