Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Recollecting Wisdom

I was recollecting today, some teachings I’ve had that I value. For example the time, many years ago,  when I was enjoying a hike on a familiar trail I had taken many times. 

As I passed a favorite old tree I wished the tree a cheery hello in the form of, “Greetings.” The tree responded, “We say goodlife. It’s a greeting, it’s a blessing, it’s a salutation. We say it as one word.” 

Later, looking into the trees response, I channeled Reveals The Mysteries who said to put no period after writing goodlife (if it ended a sentence or as a salutation) so as to allow it to flow energetically into the lives of others. 

Years later when beginning my years of writing on Blogger, especially for Benevolent Magic and A Mystical Man’s World blogs, Grandfather also recommended less punctuation as it sometimes interfered with the flow of the teaching and could make one thing seem like many. 

This is why sometimes you will see on these blogs, especially in the beginning, less punctuation.