Friday, September 25, 2015

A Time of Resolution

This  is a time when your inner conflicts that are causing stress for you will be something you’re more aware of. Often you will start thinking about something that you thought you had already resolved, maybe this means that you need to think again and make a different decision. It is a time when decisions that have been made incorrectly can be corrected. 

Over the next few months such corrections will be possible whether they effect you alone, whether they effect you and your family or your friends, whether they effect your community, whether they effect the world. So it could happen in a business as well but over the next few months it will be possible to bring resolution to these decisions, remake them and adapt them in a more benevolent way for all.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Inspiration Is Not Insistent

Inspiration is something that is gentle and not demanding. It comes quietly, often suddenly, unexpectedly. It lingers for just a second, maybe less, and then it’s gone. It is for you to decide whether or not to act on it. 

You will always know that this is inspiration from divine sources, including the spark of divinity within you, because it will be an inspiration to do something that is good and kind*. Always and only that. 

So know this, inspiration is something you all have on a daily basis no matter what your circumstances in life but the reason I say it’s not insistent, it’s not demanding, is because it’s not part of the mind. 

The mind can be willful and demanding and urge you to do things that may not be benevolent or may lead to something that isn’t benevolent. So, it isn’t always that way but it can be. 

The will is demanding but inspiration is soft, it is gentle. It is a direct line from Creator and we are all a portion of that. I just wanted to remind you of this today because when inspiration is present it is an opportunity. 

If you can, write some notes. Say even some words out loud to yourself quietly so that you have repeated the inspiration. It may not be in the form of a thought, it might be a picture or something like that. Say a couple of words to yourself. 

If you woke up with the inspiration then have something by which you can say a couple of words or write a couple of words and then go back to sleep if you need to. 

Alright, just wanted to say that for today about inspiration. Goodlife


*Also known as benevolent.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Bridge of Forgiveness

There is a place deep within the hearts of all beings where forgiveness is possible even when the most dire circumstances have happened and this place is called the Bridge of Forgiveness.

It happens in the deep levels of dreamtime and it also can happen shortly after the end of your life - this for all beings on the planet. 

Know this and be comforted, the tiniest things you have done, even that you did not know about, that were felt by others as an insult or hurt their feelings even though you did not intend that, to major events - things that you know about, maybe even feel guilty about that have affected others, perhaps many others - forgiveness is still available.

Here’s what happens. In a small place that moves about but resides primarily in your heart and in the hearts of all beings is this energy that swirls around and around and what it does is one thing only. It transforms that which is uncomfortable, that which is unsafe and that which is harmful to love. 

It is like magic, that, and that is in all beings. Yes, you and you and you - all beings. I want you to know this today because it is important to understand that when you do not forgive yourself and mire yourself in guilt it won’t take long for you to feel anger and you will probably have forgotten how you got from being unhappy to feeling guilty to even getting to that anger and then you’re angry and it gets bigger and bigger and there is no way to transform it except, in a given life - while you’re still alive, yes - in the deep levels of dreamtime.

So, if you’ve been angry for a while and you don’t know why then the thing to do is to notice - are you sleepy? Have you been getting enough sleep? If your body is very sleepy don’t be doing what you need to do to stay awake. Let your body sleep, for in that deep sleep - if not right away, in time - will that anger be transformed - and the guilt and the deed itself to forgiveness and then to love.

Sleep, as they say, is healing and yes - sleep can be forgiveness as well. Goodlife

Monday, September 7, 2015

Earth Transforming

For the next 12 days Earth is going to be going through a transition. This transition began two days ago. You can help by being more physical in a benevolent way. More on the video.