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Current Information About Transformation

A friend asked about the location of background information and a more thorough explanation about Transformation and how to apply it. Here are some links to Transformation in my books and on my blogs.

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What to Do About Impatience

Have you noticed the impact of the conditioning of our hurry hurry life these days. Impatience is up strongly now isn't it. You may feel it yourself from time to time, I know I have. 

This is something that is a difficult challenge in our times - partly because of the technology we have that tends to give us instantaneous feedback or answers to questions. Granted, those answers may not always be right or applicable in our circumstances but they are answers. 

So - what to do about impatience. I recommend you add something to your life - something that is not possible to acquire. Meaning - ask yourself a question, "What is the total meaning of life?" Or something that you know you can never know the answer to completely and just write it down and post it someplace that you see. 

It is intended to make you smile and to remind you that all the answers are not available all the time. Just as, all the immediate things you want and need are not always available all the time. 

Humor, ultimately, may be the answer - meaning laughter. We will have what we need when the time is right and is it always right? Sometimes the laughter is the answer. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

End Time Animal Communication

The Koi fish are trying to tell something. Hurricanes go around in a circle, tornados go around in a circle, the planet is a circle - it revolves in a circle - it orbits in a circle. When creatures, beings on the planet, start walking in a circle it has to do with End Times but End Times do not necessarily mean destruction - they mean transformation. 

My experience in Brazil (see: Animals in Brazil, Part 1 and Animals in Brazil, Part 2) helps me to understand that these circles could be a means to communicate. If someone speaks for the animals in a way that tells their truth, as I was able to do in Brazil, they may return to their home and/or their normal way of life and life continues on. 

We are all physical beings and oftentimes we have to communicate physically when there's no shared language between us. I believe that animals, non-humans, are doing the same thing with us - communicating physically.

So don't be alarmed when you see this. It has to do with End Times but End Times can be good times. Transformation can be a good thing. Think of how many times you personally have transformed - meaning perhaps just changed your mind and suddenly what you'd started doing was better and it worked better. So don't let the idea of End Times alarm you. It can also be Beginning Times.