Saturday, December 8, 2007

Some Of My Influences Are...

Some of you may wonder how I've acquired this knowledge and wisdom - and I have done so from many spirit teachers who have guided me to try things, have instructed me how to do them, have supported with their wisdom and their energy to bring about these benevolent results I have been sharing with you on my other blogs here and here also for example.

I want to share one of those teachers with you now. That teachers name is Grandfather and this being has made a point to me that this being works with Shamans and Mystics and other people reaching for a spiritual connection to the way things work everywhere in the universe as well as how they can work on Earth.

The being does not claim in any way to be omnipotent or anything like that but rather helps me to understand my life, my place in it and how I can be of service with details and guidance. I want to expose you to some of what that being has to say.

Grandfather has volunteered to share his personality with you through me, I have stated that I'm a Professional Trance Channel amongst other things, and therefore I'm going to offer as often as I am able here on this blog to the best of my ability some videos here where Grandfather will be sharing information with you and you'll be able to see one of my teachers, one of those beings that influences me benevolently, in action speaking through me to you.

And he's going to start this by giving you some knowledge about the year 2008 which I'm sure - perhaps you may be interested in. Without further ado, here is the first of those predictions.