Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Answering A Tough Question

Here is a question from Michael S. who is disturbed about the conflict between his personal spirituality and his difficulty with illegal immigration happening in his city. I've included a few excerpts from his question here:

I wanted to ask...a question about something I'm going through...

Well, the question or questions are connected to the illegal immigration that's happening in the country and particularly in's getting rather out of control in terms of levels of undocumented people entering, etc.

I have noticed that this bothers me quite a bit. I consider myself a compassionate person...

Over the last several years thousands of these illegal immigrants have been coming into my area. While I try to have sympathy for their plight it has begun to wear away...

I am conflicted about my feelings: should I be more loving to these people...

Michael, thank you for your interest. I can understand your conflict about these matters. After all, one does not know what possible horrors these people are fleeing from - nor does one necessarily have the capability to identify with the struggle and thence the joy of the freedoms we have here in the US. Still, there is no question that those who go through the process to legally emigrate to the US deserves the US's official citizen status.

It is a question of the heart isn't it. Do we serve those amongst us who may, for all we know, be causing harm? Do we serve only those whom we identify as deserving?

This is my answer and I am counting on your intelligence to interpret it. In my experience - what works best in terms of magic, and that is something I am known for and it is where I live, is that in order for magic to work benevolently for all beings it must serve all beings.

My feeling, Michael, is that what we understand borders to be now are changing and that the world as we've grown up and identified it as a place where Americans live in their countries and where Europeans live in their countries and Asians and Africans and so on - that world is changing. Granted, we may not like all of the aspects of the world order that's coming about since it will be based on the corporate model not on the model we've come to identify as countries, citizens of countries and so on. Even though it will be difficult, my feeling is that ultimately - granted it will take years - ultimately it will create a united Earth.

So that when a visitor comes from afar and says, "Who are you people?" No matter where they land on the planet the people will say, "We are Earth citizens" not, "We are Americans" not, "We are Europeans" not, "We are Asians" - "We are Earth Citizens." I feel the struggles we are going through now and that you personally are experiencing are steps along the path towards claiming Earth Citizenship. Thank you for your interest.



jessica said...

Hello Robert, i have been very drawn to your books lately, and have read a few from each series.
The information you share confirms to me what i have been getting since i was a kid.
I was wondering if there is any way to contact you as i would very much like to converse with you?
It is very important that we do.
As i have been finaily able to figure out a way to reach you.
you may email me if you like at
i am very much looking forward to hearing from you

light and love


there are no limits just beliefs

Robert Shapiro said...

Jessica, thank you for your comment and I appreciate your interest in my books.

I am unfortunately unable to speak on the phone to many people due to the pressing demands of writing, blogging and all my other work. I know you understand.

Nevertheless I appreciate your interest in these blogs and I'm sure that you are contributing to many people with your spiritual wisdom as well.