Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crop Circles

I have been asked recently about a Crop Circle. I get asked about these things with some regularity so I have requested Grandfather to make a reply to those individuals who wanted to know. I thought perhaps you might be interested in it as well.

The important thing to remember in Grandfather's reply is that the questioner wanted details and as many details as possible and that is why the answer reads the way it does, I believe.

It is also my understanding that the reason this answer was given by Grandfather is because Crop Circles are being presented to the global community in a language that is universal as long as you can see or if not if you can be there where the Crop Circle was presented and feel the energy or both.

It is also my understanding that Crop Circles are intended to provide us with a history of our experience here and some glimmer of the outcome of that experience as well as our future.

I believe this particular Crop Circle is meant to cover past, present and future with a accent towards what is happening now.


From Grandfather:

This is not as complicated as it looks. The outer bands of circles representing motion forward are clearly delineated as feminine since the circle and round in general is feminine.

The inner is about the age of mechanization and the philosophies that support it, even though they may present themselves as something natural they are in fact encased in something that as a mechanical and technical are not in their own nature of the natural world. This is it in a nutshell.

Most crop circles are not complicated. They are meant to be a gradual telling of history in a way that visually impacts and is not intended to be theoretical or even something that is scribed as fact. If you know that then you will not look for infinitesimal details. It is always in those small details and "facts" that you will find the means to create argument which can build into conflict and beyond. It is better to have a general meaning than one that attempts to enforce a "truth."



Joan Norton said...

Greetings from a fellow "former Maltman Avenue" resident. I have also been moved to write about the crop circles on my blog, mainly because I dreamed I was a part of the energy making them. That gave me the feeling they belong to me as well, even though I haven't been in one. Your thought that they are providing us with our own history and some glimpses of the future seems perfect. It's so easy to get lost in the amazing mathematics of their sacred geometry and pretty soon have a feeling that their intelligence is beyond my capability.
I've felt that looking at them does the same thing as looking at sacred pictures I love, that they "ignite" a state of mind that is hopeful. And that must be good for us all. I just love the way the wheat and other plants lie down in intricate patterns, it feels like the earth is weaving or quiltmaking.
I don't like the way of talking about them as something which is "done to" the earth.They seem cooperative.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Joan. Good to hear from you and nice to know that you are communicating about crop circles from the heart to your readers.

In my experience, being fortunate to have been near such a marker on the ground - though perhaps not in the traditional it did leave a picture on the ground in one of my Brazil journeys (http://mysticalman.blogspot.com/2006/04/another-brasilian-adventure.html), I could tell right then and there that the energy from such a visiting heart people could only be meant to leave a gift without actually making a permanent change in the peoples with whom you have some appointment to interact with in the future.

These times now do present us with opportunities even though they are sometimes shown in disguise. I find it is a comfort to know that we are not alone in this avenue we pursue.

Thank you as always for your benevolent comments. Good life my friend.