Thursday, October 23, 2008

From Linear To Spherical Time

In June of 2007 Louis asked this question on Understanding Mother Earth: Time, Part 2.

Louis said...


I've seen some references about spherical time vs linear time. Some say we have moved into spherical time while others say we are about to make this move.

Could you sometime write something about the differences between the two and what the effects of moving into spherical time will have on all brings?


I have considered this and here is my answer:

When we are on Earth the purpose of Linear Time is to focus on immediate events and experiences so as to understand, assimilate and apply what has been learned, what you have gravitated to and what and who you believe in in order to apply your daily experience.

Spherical Time is not that complicated, it just amounts to being influenced by all things in all moments so that time is not the factor by which you live your life but rather the feeling you have in contact with all beings. This then is a different way of considering time.

After all, on Earth, time is at its most basic factored as day and night but when one is beyond Earth and not a subject of day and night then how do you factor time and is it even important.

For those to whom it is at least conceptually important then one can consider that the influences one feels at any point in space or co-ordination with space or simply from the point of pure personality - who you are, where you are, what you are reacting to if there is reaction - is a way all things and all beings feel around you - and around you may be to the length and breadth of the universe or beyond.

In this way you do not experience time as a actual influence on your life but rather you experience all times because all other beings in the universe may be experiencing some form of time or not therefore you experience what they experience as long as you are in balance with them and they are in balance with you.

If there is some portion of the universe where you do not feel at ease or at comfort with that then you will not be including that as some beings may feel about Earth and what goes on on this Earth school.

I believe it is in our natures to be in and of Spherical Time. An example of this might be why babies cry when there is no physical cause.

I believe that when we are born we are still experiencing Spherical Time and in this we tend to feel the feelings of all others in our immediate environment. Therefore there's a good chance that if people are upset around us and especially if they are not expressing their own upset such as by crying themselves that baby might cry as a demonstration of necessity - meaning that baby must release that feeling or have to take in those intense feelings possibly of an adult or simply another person or many people and cannot do that not having the level of sophistication and adaptation to the culture in which one has arrived.

So my feeling is that moving into Spherical Time from Linear Time will be infinitely easier then the move the other way since I believe Spherical Time is natural for us.

Oh there will be moments when we are confused because we've spent almost our entire time on Earth in our lives struggling to adapt to Linear Time and...oh what happened in the past and oh what might happen in the future and all of these other things we have to remember and/or speculate upon - but I feel that this is not natural to us and it is why life has a way of reminding us of this.

When we get older and seemingly become more forgetful I feel we are easing back into Spherical Time not just because we are unable to cope with life as we begin to lose our physical functionality but also because we are on a bridge from physical life to spiritual life which will be a shift into what I believe is a more natural way of life for us.

Here on Earth we have to do many things - struggle and learn lessons in our Earth school but as we begin to cross that bridge to our more focused spirit then I feel we let go of memory and as long as we are cared for, hopefully lovingly, then we tend to also let go of worry. We focus in spirit world and what's going on there and sometimes even when we're awake we are consciously interacting with spirit world rather then the physical world around us.

Sometimes this distresses other people who are present especially family but if you as a family member understand that your loved one is focusing more in their eternal spirit then this will not be quite as unsettling.

I believe the shift that we will all go through at some point on our world as living beings to Spherical Time will be easier than we might have otherwise thought.



Louis said...

Hi Robert,

Thank you so much. You have provided a very clear and informative explanation of one of those subjects that can so easily be made overcomplicated.


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Louis. I am glad you liked it my friend. Goodlife.

Psychic said...

Nice insights there. Good post. Congrats and keep it up.