Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Question About Infinity...

A question has been asked that I felt some of you might be interested in. An answer has been provided.


After reading your explorer series books the consequences are amazing & truly gigantic, as your books presents sample view of the infinity . I wanted to ask you this question regarding experiencing infinity from long time as you see this will be the biggest challenge to experiencing infinity of creations in various ways for any individual consciousness.

If we consider infinity as trillions/Zillions of creations/universes that are currently exists and including creations which are created in past and in future on all levels & clusters so say in future as we expand and beyond this earth plane after death...

1)is it possible to experience the infinity by individual like us that mean each one would able to experience all creations/universes which exists and will ever exists. from smallest to largest entity in the creation & all of it.

2) Would infinity would be experienced from point of view of other person/consciousness as though you are the other. So I will be able to experience not just what I experiences but also all other experiences ( in this creation say experiencing from point of each particles/plants/animals/minerals/devas/angels/humans...etc...

3 )Would I/we able to simultaneously experiencing all the infinity all at once , instead of one by one creation which is mentioned in point 1 and 2. and also ability to experience only given selected part of infinity.

4) Would we have ability to create any universe as per our liking as our creator has the ability

5) is there are any existing entity/individual consciousness/creator who is experiencing this trillions almost infinite number of creations ? if yes then one day I hope we will have also this amazing power to experiencing all that is

There are lot of variations in which this infinity can be experienced , I have just put few variations.

This is not just IMPORTANT questions but goal of everyone and every living consciousness to experience "ALL THAT OF INFINITY OFFERS" .


Experiencing infinity is not as difficult as it sounds. As a mental concept it is complex with layers and layers but when we are not constrained by the mental and focus only in feeling - as we do I believe when we are not here and also to an extent at the deep levels of our sleep when we as a mortal personality travel about - we are in feeling touch with all beings.

We can tell when something is out of balance because we get a feeling of that but it generally does not harm us because of the immense balance that exists throughout all beings. Therefore it is possible to touch into any and all if one wishes because of this constant connection and there is no requirement to touch into that which is out of balance.

In order to touch into that which is out of balance one must be prepared. I believe that one of the things we are all doing on this planet is to prepare and when we move on from here we will have the opportunity because of this preparation to work with, to help, yes - to calm and also even to cure that which is out of balance with all beings. In this way harmony can be brought about without loss since all is a portion of all.

Nevertheless as we know from our experience of studying disease by those who do these things on this planet one cannot allow too much of a rampage by a disease that harms but one must study the disease to be certain that there is harm in the larger sense.

I am not saying that disease is a good thing nor am I saying especially that suffering is in any way good for the whole of a being or for all but I am saying that in order to understand something it often helps to look at it from a distance as we do when we study things historical looking from a distance in the detachment way that takes place because of a lack of personal experience with that time and place.

Still it is possible I believe, to experience infinity in ways that do not cause harm. I believe we are here working on just that.

Now as far as creation goes - given that we understand balance from the feeling point of view and that we understand and appreciate the necessity of balance, harmony and that all things in harmony are connected to the energy and experience of love - then to create from the wellspring of all things and all beings is possible for us all.

This creation process we are learning here I believe, because we are learning and being reminded of - sometimes we may feel excessively - of what does not work even though it may on the surface appear to be wonderful - such fine tuning is important I believe for Creator Apprentices though it is not always fun...and yet when considered in total of all the beings who have attended this school we call Earth I believe the sum total of such knowledge and wisdom will culminate in a creation that we can all feel and experience in the most benevolent way.

Here is also something from Grandfather:

"The function of infinity is to provide a ongoing unimpeachable source of clarity and feeling that enjoins all in a way that can be felt benevolently.

"Now as a follow up to that let me simply say if you wish to have this feeling find a large old tree if you can and standing or sitting nearby - if you're sitting make it a chair that is not metal if you can help it or sit on the ground if you like - and extend into the tree so that you can feel the raindrops, if any on the leaves or perhaps the wind or breeze through the twigs or bark of the tree.

"Then after feeling up in the branches where the warmth of the sun can be felt then migrate down below the earth to the tap root and the many roots in their connection with the earth.

"Remain in the roots as long as it is comfortable and simultaneously notice how you feel in your body. If you do not feel good back out of the tree - meaning pull out and stand up. Tell the tree, "Goodlife" and move on to another where you do feel good - but if you do have that good feeling interacting with this wise old tree then you will have a good idea of what infinity feels like. Goodlife."

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