Sunday, November 23, 2008


Question now the values of others if they restrict your kindness. Question now the enforcement to be the same at a loss to you and to others. Question the value of departing from a good feeling about human beings. And question the judgement that some are better than others.

These issues have plagued the human race for a great many years. They are nothing new but this is a time now when we can fully engage our spirits, our souls, our bodies, our wisdom, our hearts, our love and reconstitute the image - I believe - Creator always had for us here.

I believe that Creator felt -I'll take a little of this and a little of that. These people from this planet. Those four legged beings and multi-legged beings from that planet. Those plants and trees from this planet over here and these beautiful creatures who swim in the sea. I'll put them all on one planet and they will bring the best of their worlds to this one place.

Question it when someone says that human beings are the superior ones to the four leggeds, to the many leggeds, to those who have fins and swim in the sea, to those who have feathers and fly in the sky. Question the judgement and consider the answers. This is not for you to judge. It is for you to value.



Louis said...

Beautiful piece of writing.

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, thank you my friend. I appreciate. Goodlife.

Joan Norton said...

Hi Robert, I love that you use the word "value" because to me it's a word of the heart. You know I work with the Magdalene stories and in them she's called "the way of the heart" and she stands for us chosing for love and goodness, as well as being able to handle the heart's more difficult feelings. It's from the heart, from Mary the Magdalene, which comes the announcement of "the Good News". I guess it's our heart's values which count so much right now.
What you wrote was so simple and true, thanks very much, as always.

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Joan, thank you for your comments and for passing on your wisdom here.

Goodlife my friend.