Saturday, January 24, 2009

More About The January 9th Heart Opening

More about the January 9th heart opening including possible improvement in friendships and other interactions between people.


Sha said...

Hi Robert,

I adore your books & love who you are & what you do.

Very interesting that you have done this video & the next one close -up !

I was thrilled by this !

What is your reason for doing this ?

I noticed that on one you wear your glasses on the other you don't, the difference in lighting is obvious, the height of the back of your chair against your neck & the different backgrounds in both picures.

On your most recent video, i love the way your hat looks, it looks just like a space ship ! haha ! - how cool !

I didn't know about the heart opening prediction, but my heart just keeps on opening more & more & my life is starting to make sense at last - such a relief !

Thankyou dearly Robert for everything - Love Life x

Sha said...

Actually now i've looked again Robert, i also see the shape & elegance of the beautiful manta ray fish in the style / shape of your hat.

Wow ! the things that are available for us too see, if only we have the eyes to look.


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Sha, thank you for your kind words and observations.

The reason that I did the close up video was really because Conscious Goddess, who does my videos, would not be present until now - we're actually shooting some new videos now as you will see soon.

So that's the reason though I appreciate your comments. I may also use that sometimes when Conscious Goddess isn't here so that I can insert something in that current sequence of videos that is pertinent and immediate.

Nevertheless I prefer the more elaborate and polished work using fade-ins and fade-outs etc. that I'm really not up to :-) and that Conscious Goddess can deliver.

Thank you again for your encouraging words and your attention to detail. Goodlife.