Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Coming of Heaven on Earth

Exciting changes are coming in most of your lifetimes that will allow you to express much more of your greater souls personality as well as to experience other life forms in an expanded perspective and many of these other life forms who are familiar to you on Earth - animals, dogs for example, will encourage you to bring that process forth just by being themselves. These changes are part of the awakening that has long been promised.


Gary said...

Hi, I'm leaving a comment here instead of YouTube, because this place allows for more text.  

About expressing at least one third of our totality of being here on earth:   Being somewhat veiled, this is not part of my day-to-day experience, so it doesn’t really seem to take place «here», though I can tune into it quite a bit sometimes (which gives me so much joy). And even more so, I have a distinct feeling that «there» is coming to «here» more and more. Interestingly, I have started to notice more of the external markers that this is actually in the process of happening now. That gives me so much pleasure and joy and happiness, I want to go out and embrace everyone I meet and tell them, «See? It’s coming! Isn’t that wonderful?» I’m only afraid that I would end up in a loony bin. And that’s where the «permission» comes in!
I have had several experiences where I was expressing more of my natural self than I usually allow to show and each time the reaction of other people, sometimes total strangers, were really wonderful! They immidiately lightened up, I can tell! And other wonderful things hapened that I were able to notice. It’s indeed my greatest wish that I find the courage to do this more!

Oh, these times are so special!

All the best to all of you and Goodlife!


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Gary. Thank you so much for your upbeat and enlightening comments.

It is encouraging to know that people everywhere have this opportunity - maybe not every day, maybe not every time of change of experience but some times and some days. I have those times and days myself and as you say, it is always a joy.

Goodlife my friend.