Sunday, March 8, 2009

2009 Predictions "Flowers For You"

Something wonderful is going to happen this year. A vision, a moment, an experience you will all have this year - though some of you might experience it just a little later. It will be the presence, the actual presence of one of your Spirit Guides, Teachers or Angels.

You will experience this in a way that is co-ordinated with the manner in which you experience these beings at the deep sleep level and before life and after life. It will be however, this time, during life.


Louis said...

Hi Robert,

This is good news for sure. My thanks to Grandfather.

I posted a short note and a link on my blog.


Bobby said...

Thanks. Already have that happen to me already in the middle of winter and was puzzled about it.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for your comment and sharing here Bobby. Goodlife.

Anonymous said...

I have followed you, Mr. Shapiro, through more than 10 years of The Sedona Journal and am delighted to have just recently found this site. The Grandfather videos are a treasure, thank you so very much for posting them on the Internet.
I've received advice that I would benefit from working with a Shaman as an apprentice. Can Grandfather comment on this, please?
Again, many, many thanks.