Saturday, March 28, 2009

Living Prayer for Lingering Souls

Helping those souls who have passed over suddenly and unexpectedly to move on in the most benevolent way for them and for others, thus easing life all around for all beings.


The Visionary said...

Hi Robby,

this is, what I feel, a very important topic, as many people become more and more aware of these lingering souls like these you described – and very often, others. So my question is, what do you recommend that we do:
For example, what can we do to help someone in a difficult situation where they feel molested by lingering souls?
And, there are places on Earth where there have been fighting and battles. I have seen this once driving through such a region of World War I, that still feels gray and depressive. It seems that they are still fighting to this day. This touches me so deeply, I want to do something, maybe clean this area in time with a group of people. Please tell me what I can do.

Thank you so much. Goodlife,

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Gary,

I'd recommend that you start with this post and adapt it to your needs as well as the needs of others whom you help:

After that you could look this over to see if it will be of any help also:

Goodlife my friend.