Monday, March 16, 2009

A Shaman's Apprentice, Part 2

There is more to be said. There is no question that you will be tested and by tested I do not mean the finger, so to speak, proverbially coming out of the sky to grab you by the collar and shake you - meaning you will not be put through some horrible test but rather life all around you will at times attract you - you will be pulled this way, you will be pulled that way.

The way to know that you are on the Shaman's path, and it is your intent, is that no matter which way you are pulled - and you will be pulled - you will always begin to notice what needs help, who needs help, "How can I help in this situation." That will tell you you are on that path.

There is more. There will also be a tendency at times to want recognition but a great deal of your work will be done in secret. This is not because you are trying to hide out from anyone, rather it is because it is not necessary - very often - for you to have any direct contact with the parties involved whom you are trying to help.

You will hear about something from someone - perhaps you will hear about it from a source or even a news report, someone will tell you something. In short something will come to your attention which then you can act upon in the ways in which you have been trained to improve the quality of life for the people and places where this thing has happened.

Most of the time, as I say, people will not know that you have had anything whatsoever to do with the improvements that they may experience. They may even credit others for that, or their own prayers which is a possibility in terms of it helping - no questions about that. So if you are attracted to public recognition or appreciation of what you may be doing as a Shaman this is probably not the job for you.

I know it's sounding more and more like this is something impossible or difficult to do but I don't feel that way. I feel that more and more these days that people are seeing around them what's really going on. They are feeling with their senses what's happening and what needs to be improved. They are noticing how much people are really alike and how very small in terms of percentages are our differences.

This kind of recognition will smooth the path towards desiring to know how to apply that which I have already taught in part on my A Mystical Man's World and on my Benevolent Magic site as well as all the other places I put up knowledge and information.

So...further on my answer to you. I feel that this is a good path for you Questioner, if it is something you feel attracted to. I also feel that a great many of you out there are leaning in this direction for one reason or another and that's alright. Look into your hearts and into your feelings as to what you want to do.

Read my blogs and read the books if you like to see if you're drawn to doing some of these things. If you want to find your own answers, if you want to contribute - that's so important - and if you do then find a way.

Ask someone to help you, ask someone to guide you but don't ask someone to lead you. My feeling is that our desire for leaders these days is truly a desire to tell someone, "Help me for I cannot help myself." And if you feel that you cannot help yourself the Shaman's Way and the Path of the Mystical Person or Medicine Person may not be for you but if you ask someone to help you, to guide you, to teach you - that's different and then this path may just be for you.

I wish you many blessings on that path if you choose to follow it, all those of you out there who are interested, and I am hopeful you will find the best teachers to help you along the way. Goodlife.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Grandfather.
I appreciate your words and the energy you have put towards this inquiry.

I have started to read the material available via Robert Shapiro--it is a wealth of information and may teach me enough to fulfill my urge to serve in a greater way. Particularly the plant and animal kingdoms.

Your words mean a great deal to me and I will pray for a teacher to appear when I am ready--just as you have appeared for me at this time.

With gratitude,
Anonymous :)

Lynda said...

Dear Grandfather,
Are you able to comment on, or direct me/us to valid information on the "Shaman's Death" as we may experience it in this world in these times, please?

Also, what is the result if one experiences the ego death but does not have enough trust in or strong enough Guidance from Spirit to walk through to the other side of that death?

With deep thanks,

Robert Shapiro said...

For Lynda,

This is not something that I teach nor do I practice and therefore I do not offer advice on it.