Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Global Community, Part 2

A long range view of changes in our population. Ideals, practices and what we might expect for coming generations experiences. A little reassurance for you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Grandfather,
I appreciate that we are living in extraordinary times. But I am wondering if every generation hasn't also experienced incredible changes during their lives.

This question troubles me as I do not want to "make more of" my challenges in responding to this earth life than is 'realistic' or 'necessary'.
Perhaps I am over-reacting at times.

Does this make sense to you?

Thank you, as always.

Anonymous L

Robert Shapiro said...

Anonymous L, greetings. You are here on Earth now. This makes you an Earth person while you are here.

Live as well as possible and exist as best you can. Help others when they ask you if it is possible and gracefully and gratefully receive help from others when you need it and when it's offered and that's enough - in terms of your statement.