Sunday, May 17, 2009

Urgent: This is The Time Of The Welcoming

Greetings. Something important is happening now and I feel it's really urgent for you to know about it. This is the time of the welcoming. It's most important that you understand what that means.

You have thoughts, everyone does, and sometimes they are accompanied by pictures. This is particularly important for people who have pictures in their minds or come up for this or that reason - and this is why.

This time in our lives are truly preparing us for the way things are in our natural normal native personalities beyond this Earth plane as we know it.

There if we need something it will come up in our present memory - meaning that which is available for us but that we are not always conscious of if we don't need it or if it is something say - associated with someone else.

With that kind of present memory you might need this or that as a spirit being or as a physical being someplace else on some other planet in some other life and then that thing will be attracted to you but only that which is just right for you - meaning you are compatible with that thing what ever it may be and that thing is compatible with you - alright - you understand - but since we are now in the time of the welcoming something similar is happening and since on the other planes of existence that we live in most of the time such a experience occurs where a picture will come up because it's something we need - you can see where I'm going with this on a now Earth plane - yes in our now existence.

As long as the picture comes up of something that we need, not necessarily a specific something or someone but some thing general that we need - friends for example - there's a good chance that those who were just the right friends for you will like you and appreciate you just the way you are and whom you will like and appreciate just the way they are will be attracted to you and you will be attracted to them.

It won't be something glaringly obvious but it will be something that you'll both notice. Perhaps subtly at first and then as you get better acquainted you'll realize that this person could be a good friend for you and they'll have a similar realization - but you've noticed that for a time now.

The time we're in now represents a wonderful opportunity but there are hazards as well and that's why I want to talk to you today about that. The opportunity is that, as I mentioned before, if you need something - it's something to consider trying to shift your gears into needing something in a general way - as my example with friends - rather than in a specific way - meaning you want a car you saw on the car lot and only that car will do.

You might just have a picture that comes up of a broad spectrum of cars or that you need transportation or that you sure would enjoy being able to be in a car going someplace that you'd like to go - like that, not trying to program your present moment memory here.

Conversely there's another thing that could come up and I think some of you have noticed it. If you're frightened of some thing, not necessarily someone as an individual but some thing - oh perhaps you're concerned use something innocuous but annoying, you're concerned that birds will start making their deposits on your freshly washed car - okay. That could happen and if not immediately - very soon after the picture comes up.

So here's the discipline that's going to be necessary for us all and it may not be easy. We're going to have to try and focus on encouraging ourselves to bring up pictures of things that we want and if something comes up that's a fear to immediately or as quickly as possible shift that picture to something that's desirable - meaning, to use my example, instead of the picture of your car being dive-bombed by the local feathered population that you would quickly shift your picture to something of your car sitting shiny in the driveway or wherever you have it and looking wonderful - and focus on that for a little longer and then let it go completely.

This is not a time when you can simply say, "No, change that." Words won't do. You have to use a picture as a substitute.

I just wanted to bring that to your attention because I feel that it's something that - if you know about it and you know what to do about it it can make a big difference in your life.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Grandfather,
Thank you for this transmission of urgent advice. I appreciate that you have delivered it to us in a loving and attention-getting way.

I'd like to ask you something that is aligned with this, I think.

After reviewing the information on "inertia" as presented on the Benevolent Magic site--(articles dating back to September 2008) I have had a thought.

Here is my question: My Soul has created a condition of bi-polar mood disorder for my Being to deal with in this life. Whether this is connected or not-I do not know--but I am extremely sensitive to what I perceive as the suffering of the natural world (animals, plants, rocks, the planet, the trials and tribulations of people, and on & on.)

This creates strong feelings and a heavy emotional involvement that act as BIG distractions for me in my creation of what I need for a good life.

[At the moment I need a job, a better housing situation, and the ability to live fully.]

Can you please address this dilemma of wanting and trying so hard to create what is good for my life / our lives--but finding our energy and feelings pulled towards the overwhelming presence of hardship, injustice, and destruction of our planet, thereby emotionally and mentally keeping us from fully utilizing benevolent creation?

Is this an element of my individual condition? Can I somehow limit my emotional sensitivity? How can I over ride the 'wiring' of my soft- heartedness that may eventually be the cause of my material decline and my inability to create a livlihood and a joyous life?

Thank you as always, Grandfather.

With gratitude,
Anonymous L.

Louis said...

Thank you for this timely message. Things are certainly moving at a fast clip.

Also the comment by Anonymous poses some questions that I've heard several times lately. I look forward to your response.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Anonymous L, I feel that your question is significant and I will dedicate a post on this blog to your question as it is most meaningful to me.

I'm going to ask you for your patience. You won't see it immediately but it will come up.


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Louis, thank you for commenting. As I said to Anonymous L, I will post something on that pretty soon.


Vince said...

Hello Robert, I am interested in anonymous L question too.Is this part of the all and ourselves to endure while we are benevolently waiting for the outcome? I wonder for many if the benevolent knowledge will weave a way for those who deserve? Thank You,

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Vince, I will be putting up something addressing Anonymous L's question but not immediately for there are other things that must be posted first but it will be a thorough post to the best of my ability at this time.

I will make one comment on your statement here. In order to get where we're going we all must go without exceptions. This is why it takes longer sometimes then we would like but this is the way. We don't have to agree with each other consciously, we don't have to like each other consciously but at the deeper level we are all part of one journey and that journey has taken a long time but it will bear fruit soon.


Vince said...

Thank you Robert for all your help to many .On a personal note there have been many benevolent outcomes when I listen to your teaching and others.I do feel that this learning will be open to all soon.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Vince.


Anonymous said...

Dear Grandfather & Robert,
I am not pressuring you in any way for a response to my earlier post as Grandfather has explained his plan with that.
I am writing to share with you that I have JUST NOW read the May 2009 Sedona Journal article on bi-polar & anxiety with 'Psychologist' and Grandfather.
I am exploding with feelings and words at this moment-but let me share these things, please: As to a miscarriage prior to my birth--I must investigate this--but don't feel a resonance.
I was born into a genetic predisposition on my father's side of the family. Cousins & aunts & uncles also have various levels of this condition. (Altho' unacknowledged and untreated by 99% of them.)

BUT! My symptoms started to appear and my condition deteriorated shortly after I started to open to and develop my 'light body' through meditative journeys and exercises.
This speaks to my bi-polar being associated with a spiritual 'opening' (maybe.) In addition-when I hit rock bottom--I intrinsically KNEW I was undergoing a 'dark night of the Soul' and sought spiritual help and answers.

[Still, no satifactory answer-to my mind-until now--perhaps!]
I have spent 15 years with pharmeceuticals and talk therapy and have only in the last two years dropped all medication in favor of diet modification and detoxifying my physical and energy bodies.
I have achieved quantum leaps in 'normalizing' my mood swings/life with these methods. (Always maintaining both cognitive & spiritual 'talk'therapy.)

In my thirties, I used to wonder about my good fortune and actually remember saying to myself in the shower:"Nothing bad has ever happened to me"---a few years later, I was on my knees, shaking, crying, and scared to death to leave my room after losing my business, my love partner, and my home because of this condition.
Also, in my youth-I used to jokingly say:"If I ever have a daughter I will name her Patience"--thereby reminding myself to practice this quality.

So, you can imagine-Grandfather & Robert-my excitement upon reading the closing remarks by Grandfather in the SJ article regarding bi-polar and the Soul's growth in the realm of 'patience.'

I cannot tell you how much more hope there is in my life right now as opposed to an hour ago--before I read this article!

I thank you both so very, very much and send you blessings from my heart.

Please pray for me and each of us and continue to generously provide us with the magic and practices to assist us.

With deep gratitude,

Anonymous L

PS: Regarding same article's comments on anxiety & sensitivity as in Virgos: I am a Virgo risng!

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Anonymous L, please do not be concerned if I do not immediately respond to a comment. Sometimes when they are lengthy like this I consider it for a time and that will always be the way. I am the same with other forms of communication. It is a way I have. So I received your other note as well.

Now as to your comment here, I am very glad that the article in the Sedona Journal has served some of your needs. This is a good thing and I'm happy that it has been food for you.

There will be other things that come up from time to time that will also be helpful including the lengthy answer I have coming up for you hopefully within the next week or possibly week and a half at the most to a previous question you had.

So I am doing as much as I am able here and I ask, when I do not respond immediately, for your patience as best you can. In light of that I recommend you do the following for I realize you are experiencing urgency at times - so this is what I recommend.

Go outside if you are able or picture it in your mind if you are not and glance up into the sky at the moon. It would be best to do this in the evening but if the moon is present at any time it is fine. It does not have to be pitch dark outside.

Then look down at the ground beneath your feet. Then say these words, "I am asking that the patience of the moon in its travels and its support be with me now and whenever I need it in the most benevolent way for me."


Anonymous said...

Dear Grandfather,
Thank you very, very much. This is beautiful.
I appreciate your time and consideration.

Anonymous L