Saturday, June 6, 2009

Connecting To & Pulling Toward Objects, Part 2

Time, space and connections to all things. In this part of Connecting To & Pulling Toward Objects a little more is explained as to the why to learn these things including the concept and capability of collapsing time. This is not done to harm but only to help and it is a precursor to learning how to travel in time.


CNU said...

Hi Mr. Shapiro,

Could the object be a job? I know that's technically not a material object, though the process of fulfilling tasks is. So my question is does that count?

Thank You,


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings CNU, at this stage of the training I do not recommend something like a job because it's nebulous. In that sense it means that the job may have factors you do not know about and also since you had other jobs there will be memories that will stick though you may not be conscious of it.

That's why we begin with nature - a mountain, a river - though I recommend something that has more bulk than a river. A river is in motion and might be better left for another time.

So for you specifically I would recommend either a massive and aged tree or a mountain. I think a forest is too varied at this time for one attempting to focus on something specific.

That's my recommendation. Goodlife.

CNU said...

Thank you. I think I'll go with Pike's Peak. It's visible from my house. Really informative videos.

Appreciate it.