Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why Study Here

There are changes coming on the Earth and therefore I encourage you to find some one or two or more things here on this blog or on another one of my main blogs here or here as well and study them and get so good at them that when things happen, whatever they may be, that you don't have to stop and ponder in confusion. You can just act, because you are very accomplished with the spiritual tasks and magic I have to offer.


The Visionary said...

Please, Robert, there must be something else that we can do (besides saying a Living Prayer). What do *you* do so that the oil pollution is cleared in the most *benevolent* way? Can you show us?
(I can only begin to feel the consequences when all of the ocean waters become affected -- there must be another way.)

Thanks so much,


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings my friend,

Here is something else I've just posted.


The Visionary said...

Thanks a lot. My next weekend trip will be to the sea… ;-)