Thursday, July 8, 2010

Earthquakes and Long Touch

Here is a practice to help you to decrease the amount and perhaps even the severity of earthquakes happening on the planet now by the use of extending, explained more thoroughly here and here, your light body into oil and extending by the use of your physical feelings and the use of Long Touch* - which you can read about and practice here, then here and follow up with here - to generate, to create and support the generation of more oil and natural gas beneath the Earth deeply so that she may recreate her balance and support herself and us as well.

*For a more thorough understanding of Long Touch you may wish to continue your studies here.

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Robert Shapiro said...

Sorry about the glitch at the end of Earthquakes and Long Touch. This is what was actually stated, "... decrease the amount of earthquakes ..." It's right at the end around 8 minutes in.