Friday, July 23, 2010

More About Colors - Red

Red is the Earth energy color and if you know how to use it in wearing a garment perhaps, you will be able to attune your own energy and perception to your greatest advantage.


Frank said...

Wow! This really hit me today, in a very good and helpful way.
Thank you, Grandfather and Robert!
The color red can really help other people too, and you help them and they help you and around the world, what comes around goes around. You always say so much about colors that I never consciously apprehended before, but on reflection, the knowledge you awaken in me becomes so helpful in my every day life. This time, about Red, it is such an important color in my life. When I was a child, black and red, especially in combination with each other, were colors of evil. Years later, I so loved the pileated woodpeckers. Then I grew even more and came to really appreciate colors and color combinations and how much inspiration and energies you can receive and also share by mindful attention to color.
And your eyes are different from mine, and my eyes right now are different from yesterday at the same time or tomorrow. Almost Platonically, like musical notes and tones, colors enrich our lives very steadily.
We, at least us normal people like me, tend to forget the immensely intricate and deeply woven tapestry of our lives and then we remember: "oh yeah. I am so focussing on being this leaf that I forgot my roots; I forgot my branches swaying gently in the breezes, I forgot so much, the stars and planets, other dimensions in the particles of my fibers; I just forgot."
So this post about the color Red, thank you very much!
Good Life!

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Frank. Glad you got so much out of this.