Friday, January 28, 2011

Cows Are Leaving

Cows here on Earth have decided to go home. They are not going to remain indefinitely and they are not going to leave instantly but there will be increasing times when groups of them just suddenly cease to exist. More details in the video.


lstmichael said...

Are we to expect pigs, sheep, lambs, chickens & marine life to also leave the planet? Most are treated much worse than the cows that are leaving. It has been proven time and again that humans do not need to kill animals to survive, so why are humans still consuming such violence? I think it's time to evolve past this barbaric lifestyle.

DoodleSea said...

Thankyou Robert, Grandfather and Zoosh, this channelling brought forward in me a deeping crying release, i do struggle so with the 'knowledge' of the massive constant slaughter of our animals.

Just recently i have been compelled to eat some meat, chicken and pig and enjoy it thoroughly and this contradicts every fiber of my being and i hate it all soo much...

I find it very difficult to be in balance and at peace in this world, there seems to me to be so much suffering and i constantly drown in it........ take care sweet cows....i will miss you dearly xxxxxx

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings DoodleSea,

It is important for you now to accept the fact that you are human being and sometimes as a human being we must consume the beings of others just as others will at times when it is necessary also consume beings.

It is a hard lesson on Earth but it is something we must learn to do, accept and go on with our lives.

It is a fact, as it is said but also we can do for animals in the most benevolent way that we are able and remember - human beings deserve respect as well - including ourselves.


Robert Shapiro said...

For "Info" (anonymous person),

Grandfather does not create the world.