Monday, January 10, 2011

Preparation For 1-11-11

Preparing for 1-11-11 in the best way and in the most beneficial way can be accomplished by clearing. In this video a simple way to accomplish clearing for you in your everyday life will be explained. Such clearing will help you not only for 1-11-11 but for your life in general.

For those of you interested in more advanced methods for clearing I recommend you check this link on the blog A Mystical Man's World.


perky said...

Thank you, once again!

Robert Shapiro said...

You're welcome Perky. Goodlife.

perky said...

Hello again Robert,

Last night, before sleeping, I said the Living Prayer as mentioned in this post. This morning, I had a series of four very vivid dream fragments/sequences, which seemed to indicate to me some persons who had feelings of animosity towards my mother, since they were swearing in the dream. This afternoon, I felt extremely tired and decided to lie down and try to nap/rest, when I heard my neighbour shout at her son, actually, screaming, several times. I could feel it affecting me in my heart area. I said a Living Prayer for them, the best I could at the time. I also did not feel very hungry at all today. I will repeat the Living Prayer again tonight. Is there a specific Living Prayer I could say for my neighbour's anger towards her young son?

Many thanks and Goodlife,

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Patricia,

For people who need help whether you know them or not here is a general Living Prayer:

"I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now benevolently from all those beings who can help them."

Specifically in the case of your neighbor you might say:

"I am asking that my neighbor…" then say their name if you know it "…and my neighbors son…" and say his name if you know it "…receive all the help, love and support they need now to be able to move through these times benevolently and beyond."

I also recommend that you get the free book download of Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer:

There is more. I recommend you read and apply the following techniques if they feel good to you but don't overdo it:


Heart - Warmth:

Try to do the Clearing every night now for a while and understand that we are all going to feel more sensitive these days. That's why Disentanglement and Heart - Warmth might be something you want to practice when you feel the time is right for you.