Friday, March 11, 2011

You Can Help

This is a good time to remember to say your Living Prayer for the people of Japan and other places. First ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you. Then pause for a moment. Some of you will feel the energy. Whether you do or not wait for just a moment or so. Then say,"I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now benevolently from all those beings who can help them."



Kirsten said...

Thank you! I hope you are safe and well there in Hawaii too.

Sha said...

Thankyou Robert for sharing this living prayer with us........ it's very helpful and supportive and eases the horror, shock and worry for myself towards the sitaution and what others might be 'going through'

I am especailly prone to being over sensitive, over- reactive and overwhelmed by memories,life events and the imagining of previously un-experienced possible 'horrors' of life here, especially openly reactive to these during my 'spritual processing' phases and I am in such that of a processing phase just at the moment too.

So Thanks again for your support here - it is much appreciated

Luv Sha