Friday, July 1, 2011

Growth in Dreams

Grandfather says, "Robby lets you in on a process he's been working on to bring about personal growth by working with his dreams and this is done as a lead in to Grandfather's talk about how you can do the same thing. In the process you will do just like Robby does, as he has been guided by spirit and insights and inspirations, you will be able to transform your world. 

"This world is now entirely about transformation in ways that will seem magical. You have unsolvable problems at the current level of your technology to say nothing of interaction between human beings. 

"So, one way to bring about change is to add to the good works of others by doing what amounts to magic. You're learning a lot about magic on this site and on other sites Robby has on Blogger as you might find here and here as well and in the books as well. So your opportunity now is going to expand in to a conscious work with your dreams in the form of daydreams or even fantasies you have for yourself. 

"You can change and transform the world because this is a time of creation and re-creation and you are an apprentice to great beings who create and re-create. You can be a portion of that, you can be amongst them and you can still be yourself. Goodlife."

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