Friday, August 19, 2011

Time and Transformation

You are beginning to experience the gift of vertical wisdom which is different than memory. Memory you understand. Vertical wisdom is knowledge and wisdom that you know when you need to know but if you don't need to know it anymore it's not there.

Why is that different than memory? Because it is knowledge and wisdom that is true and will work in life but you may not have ever known it before nor can you track how you found out because you didn't find out. It is simply something that is known in annals of wisdom of all human beings everywhere.

This is a gift that is coming about as a result of your motion as a planet and as all human beings and all beings on the planet towards the forth dimension. You are half way there now. So it's not something that's going to happen, it's not something that might happen - it's happening - and you can learn more about it in this video which I am presenting here this day.


Lynda said...

Dear Robert-
This question may belong in your 'Channeling' blog-but I wanted to be certain you received it.

Today, I invited in: "...the Christed Being most aligned with my energy who can/does act as my Guide." I felt the shimmer of this Being's energy. I then asked to feel/sense his presence more and I suppose I felt something-but mostly: I felt ill. My body started to feel almost nauseous.

I 'think' I heard: "This is because your physical vehicle needs more clearing..."

My questions: (1) Does the ill feeling mean I accessed a 'negative' Being?

(2) In your experience: Does the explanation of physical clearing ring true?

Thank you for this and your generosity in bringing this information to us all.



Vince said...

I've learned to relax more toward the benevolent aspects and let that flowing be known. No action necessary. To be at peace and love with the daily unfoldings of 4d, for all beings. Thank you,

Robert Shapiro said...

Well said Vince.


Robert Shapiro said...

For A: I am answering your question as a brief post here on Explorer Race blog. I will not publish your question.


Robert Shapiro said...

For Lynda,

Lynda, keep in mind that if you or anyone asks for any being and attempts to connect to them on the basis of using a term ascribed by any religion on this planet now or philosophy and this is a being who has lived and is important and meaningful to you and others that this will connect with their whole life and everything about it.

I would recommend instead that you ask for the qualities specifically when you are attempting to reach out and access specific qualities, you see, that you wish to be endowed with for any purpose.

That's my answer to you and the questions of others along these lines.