Friday, October 28, 2011

Predictions: Prepare to Meet ETs

In the coming year and the years that follow there will be people on the planet who will be precursors to the ETs you will meet someday.

These will all be Earth people, born and raised here but they will be influenced by ETs - largely without their knowing it and while they will not be ET-like they will have certain qualities that will be reminiscent - at least if not today, then after you meet the ETs you'll be able to say, "Those people that we met, they were to prepare us weren't they."

And the ETs, they might just say, "Yes. We needed to know whether you would be nice to people from other planets and whether you would be tolerant of ways that were not like your own."

So, this is a time for such preparations. You will notice it next year and the years that follow, you will notice it more.

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