Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amplify Your Energy To Assist Others

Amplifying your energy to assist others can be done using a discrete gesture with both your hands and to include the sun. This will help you to accomplish things in a much more influential way.

Some of you may notice phenomena on the video especially on the left side of the video. The purple and white light you see is not a video effect, it is real.


Kirsten Nuttle said...

"As an eco-chaplain I recommend that the best emotional sweets are nature
ones". *This is so very true. I have spent the majority of the last 5
days with my hands in the soil preparing vegetable/herb beds for the
nearing spring. Some seeds have been planted and are just starting to
emerge from the soil. I love watching the first stages of seedling growth
when green life springs up from the earth. The last week here in New Mexico
has been quite warm, tomorrow there is potential for rain, this is very
good! I see you live in Hawaii, a beautiful place for regenerative plant
growth. What variety's of fruit provide a bountiful yield annually for the
residents of Hawaii? Im sure there are many!
Thanks for the website! Goodnight

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Kirsten, thank you for your interest my friend.

I suppose the fruits that leap to mind would be papaya and mango. You find those all over the place and they grow in peoples yards to say nothing of farmed commercially.

I hope your seedlings weren't damaged from the storm you just had. If so perhaps you can plant some more.

I wish you well my friend. Goodlife.