Thursday, May 3, 2012

Manifesting The Now Way

The manifestation method nowadays is changing right in the midst of your old method. The old method, along the lines of one step after another has worked well seemingly but it has been very rigid, inflexible and not as allowing to change and adaptation as needed. 

However, since it is not your natural way of creating the now way* will be much easier to attain and won't involve much learning - rather just understanding and the more you understand it the easier it will be.

*Where magnetism is more the creation method we are drawn to others - persons, places, things - or persons, places and things are drawn to us. This happens in the present moment regardless of what plans we had. 

Since it works this way we will all become much more conscious of wanting, needing and yes - creating a much more benevolent world since that is exactly what we will want to create. We won't want to create something that is not benevolent for ourselves. We won't want it created for us either. We will want only that which is benevolent - meaning enjoyable, good, kind - like that.

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