Saturday, June 23, 2012

Creation or Limits - What Will You Choose

I originally wrote this for my You Tube channel but I've decided to present it here for you as well because I believe it is to your advantage to understand what is happening to you now and thus to be empowered as I mention in the article below:

This site is entirely  about empowerment. The more you blame others the more you disempower yourself. It is my intention here to empower you as much as possible. 

You'll notice that I don't encourage comments that are hateful and blame others. Aside from the obvious, there is another reason and that's that these kind of things disempower you because you are stating that you are controlled by other beings and that your power somehow has been usurped by them. 

Regardless of whether these are things that you really believe, some of you of course only, or not - even stating such a thing these days tends to reinforce it as a limit in your mind. 

The difficulty with that in the past was that it just created inner conflicts but nowadays because we are all so much more involved in creation and creating - and that energy has been bestowed to us by Creator, I believe, very often such statements emerge in you own life, meaning people react to you in the way you're reacting to others not because someone's trying to torture you or give you a hard time but rather because, I believe, Creator and our angels and our guides want us to understand that - what we are doing and what we are saying to others about others does have an impact not only personally for individuals but in a way that limits our own abilities to create. 

I know so many of these things have been said before and there's a tendency to just say, "Oh yeah. I've heard that all before." But now - pay attention to your life even for just a week, make it a project and you'll notice that when you say things - even things that are offhand or meant to be funny that sometimes things just happen unexpectedly. 

I'm not wishing anything on you that is harmful, quite the opposite, I am hoping that your consciousness - the more it blooms now brings you into the present moment and allows you to state that you are an entity that has been placed on this planet by Creator - that Creator loves you and that Creator is giving you responsibilities and as such you take those responsibilities seriously and intend to create in the most benevolent way for yourself and others. 


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