Friday, August 31, 2012

Predictions: Transforming Materials Benevolently

In this time in which you are living and during the next few years you will find that the materials on Earth, the actual substance of it, will be going through changes that will sometimes have an impact on your communication devices. 

In this video Transmutation will be expanded upon and you will find a greater means with more details to improve the capacity of your communication devices and your electronics in general even if there is no pressing need to do so. 

You will find that the electronic machines and machines of all sorts will work better and they will be more durable. They will last longer using these methods. You may also find that there is means and methods that will provide for you in this video - a way to know things from a distance such as you might find here or here, to see things from a distance explained more here and also on this post and to be able to understand more of your true spiritual natures.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Unexpected

I know you're dealing with the unexpected today. There'll be other days like this so just try and go with the flow okay? Just go with the flow as best you can.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Soul Merging

You are waking up. Not just from sleep each day but your soul is coming into your full conscious being as a day to day life experience - not just at the deep sleep state. As a result you will experience phenomena, much of which is described in this video.

It is alright. Be at peace. Know that this has to do with Creator, your soul, your spirit and love.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Healing the Healer

Are you thinking of going into healing work or are you working towards that? What I'm going to talk about initially here is often discussed in classes and workshops where healing processes are taught.  

When you are working on your healing process, what ever it is, you must be able to assist whomever needs the help regardless of any personal feelings you may have towards individuals or groups of individuals. 

This will, at times, be difficult but you must remember that healing work is accomplished - meaning its goal - through love and dedication to the practice you are utilizing to the best of your ability at any moment while allowing for the process of life itself. It will also be greatly enhanced from your capacity to set aside any feelings you may have of resentment, anger, etc towards any individual or groups of individuals you are assisting and of course from the need of those whom you are supporting with your practice.

If you are doing Living Prayer, for example as found on my blogs and the books and videos, I always recommend that you do so with the benevolent energies you request to work with you or that come up naturally for you and thus can be even more effective to support the healing process. You can do Living Prayer for people on the other side of the world or anywhere - you don't have to know them. 

You do have to be able to set aside any personal bias you may have in order to be true to your healing practice and accomplish to the best of your potential the purpose of your practice.

I'm bringing this up at this time because I feel that we are all becoming more conscious of each other through the systems of communication we have now and that the unity that exists for us at the spiritual level is gradually merging with our day to day lives.

This might at times push our buttons, so to speak, of resistance towards certain people and as a healer this could happen for you as well. So this reminder is intended to support your own healing process - as all healers naturally do in the course of their studies as well as your practice - and to remind you to do your work as well as possible, take time for your own needs and be patient with yourself and others as we proceed towards our own spiritual, soulful and conscious merging.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Soul Connections

This year - as it finishes up - many of you will notice a different way of becoming aware of each other. Sometimes you'll notice it by direct contact with another person. Other times you'll notice because you happen to be in the same area as other people. 

A lot of it will have to do with your physical body reacting, at a distance even, because of other peoples physical bodies that may need assistance. However the advantage is if you and your physical body need assistance other people are likely to know it and it is more likely you will get the help that you need. 

This will be very advantageous as next year in 2013 you will all benefit from knowing and being aware of each other on more than the conscious level and more than the soul level. You will have to be aware of each other on the physical level even at great distances.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some Thoughts for Today in Order to Support Yourself to Create Benevolently

The increase in our exposure to the sun's energy these days causes and stimulates a greater energy within us and all around and about us. Given that, it effects the way we create and creation happens around us by others. I believe that this is in order to move us all along at a quicker pace towards a benevolent world.

So I would recommend that it's important to be positive now in that everything has been amplified.

When I say everything has been amplified that's really the case. This is why we're feeling things more intensely. So if we think and remember and feel along the lines of discomforting thoughts or fears or even something we all experience very often which is impatience, that is also amplified - not because of some punitive reason. Rather it's that when it's amplified it's intended to draw our attention to it so that we will do something about it to resolve it. 

For example, we could create a picture in our mind's eye or look at a picture or a photo that immediately causes us to feel love or being loved or calm in the comfort of beauty where we focus on something benevolent with beautiful images. Any image that we can focus on that is positive and, and this is very important, benevolent. 

So I just wanted to bring this to your attention so that you'll understand that there's an urgency factor here. 

I don't believe that things will have to get more extreme for us if we're fearful or doubtful or impatient but I do think that it can be a distraction in our lives and cause us to feel that things are more difficult than they may have to be. 

So I would recommend that now it's more important than ever to think positive to the point of having physical feelings that we recognize that are positive and benevolent for us in order to create in the moments of those feelings in the most benevolent way for us.

Goodlife to you all.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012/2013 Predictions: Releasing The Old - Welcoming The New

As the rest of 2012 evolves you will find that you'll be shedding a lot of characteristics that have held you back in your furtherance of happiness  and success. As a result, 2013 will be a more successful year financially, spiritually and perhaps in other ways as well.