Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some Thoughts for Today in Order to Support Yourself to Create Benevolently

The increase in our exposure to the sun's energy these days causes and stimulates a greater energy within us and all around and about us. Given that, it effects the way we create and creation happens around us by others. I believe that this is in order to move us all along at a quicker pace towards a benevolent world.

So I would recommend that it's important to be positive now in that everything has been amplified.

When I say everything has been amplified that's really the case. This is why we're feeling things more intensely. So if we think and remember and feel along the lines of discomforting thoughts or fears or even something we all experience very often which is impatience, that is also amplified - not because of some punitive reason. Rather it's that when it's amplified it's intended to draw our attention to it so that we will do something about it to resolve it. 

For example, we could create a picture in our mind's eye or look at a picture or a photo that immediately causes us to feel love or being loved or calm in the comfort of beauty where we focus on something benevolent with beautiful images. Any image that we can focus on that is positive and, and this is very important, benevolent. 

So I just wanted to bring this to your attention so that you'll understand that there's an urgency factor here. 

I don't believe that things will have to get more extreme for us if we're fearful or doubtful or impatient but I do think that it can be a distraction in our lives and cause us to feel that things are more difficult than they may have to be. 

So I would recommend that now it's more important than ever to think positive to the point of having physical feelings that we recognize that are positive and benevolent for us in order to create in the moments of those feelings in the most benevolent way for us.

Goodlife to you all.


Unknown said...

This is really helpful. Thank you so much, Robby!

Robert Shapiro said...

You're welcome Unknown. Goodlife

Kirsten K said...

Ha! That was me...! For some reason this site had me down as "Unknown"...?