Saturday, September 1, 2012


In my life I am very conscious of other forms of life. Sometimes, like you, I get along with them just fine. Other times there are stumbles or I wonder why we're not getting along so well - you know this feeling well I'm sure - but recently I have had encounters with this or that beetle.

I have noticed one that flies - there are such things here in Hawaii at times, perhaps you have seen them where you live. This beetle had many colors. It came to land on a ledge near where I was and just sat there for quite some time and would occasionally move slightly - perhaps it was taking in the sun - but when they moved I could see the many colors and of course it reminded me of the famous bible story about the coat of many colors - you know the one. I think maybe there are other stories like that in many philosophies, beliefs and religions. 

Many colors is important to the Earth. It has meaning and I think there is meaning beyond which we can see or understand mentally but it is there on the feeling nature of our side.

Today I have received a message that I feel is important. I want to put it out as an audio message so you can feel and know the feelings of the being who spoke through me.

I do have the capacity to channel at a deep and profound level and I have many books out as many of you know but as good as books are they cannot reveal very well the feeling that was present and that is why I feel there must be audio so that you can feel that - alright?

And thus I submit this message from source Spirit of beetle for your consideration. From what I can tell this is a most urgent and important message.



Robert Shapiro said...

In case you were wondering, I put audio messages up on my tumblr blog since they make it easier there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Shapiro,
I greatly appreciate all the lessons and wisdom you share.
I am sorry to say I can not listen to your audio messages on Tumblr blog because I use an iPad which does not work with flash Player required to listen to your audio.
I do see and hear you on video just fine though, any possibility of posting your latest audio on Self-Destructiveness on video without the video so those of us using apple products ca hear such valuable lessons?
Or is there another way?
Thanks for everything you do! Good life
Your friend Tim = )

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Tim, recommend you add chrome on your iPad:
It runs well on Mac from what I know and by using chrome you'll be able to access the audio on tumblr. Let me know how it goes.

Kirsten K said...

Thank you for the message, Robby!
- Kirsten